Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Project House Update: The List 6.0

I'm very very late posting my annual list this year. It was an incredibly busy house year and incredibly busy year just being functioning adults.  Some huge things have gotten done. Some huge things are still in progress. Either way, here's where things stand. 

Also, my husband had been playing with my camera and I didn't realize he had messed with the settings. Some of the pictures are really bad. Sorry about that, but let's be real, I'm too lazy to retake them.

If you'd like to go back and see what we've accomplished in previous years, click one of the older versions of this list below, otherwise, let's see what's changed!

June 2013: Version 1.0
June 2014: Version 2.0
June 2015: Version 3.0
June 2016: Version 4.0
Jone 2017: Version 5.0

* means something Dan wants to do and I am trying to talk him out of.
# means something I want and Dan is ignoring and hoping I'll forget/change my mind.
bold means something new or completed since the last version of the list.


Paintedinstalled new light fixture, set up corner table, hung some art, modified closetrepainted and upgraded doorbell, new light, new flooring, new baseboards, new console table
To Do: coat rack.

Dining Room:

Done: Painted, 
hung curtainsinstalled recessed lighting and repaintednew chairshung some art and new shelving, new flooring, new baseboardsTo Do: Find a big statement art piece, new light fixture

Formal Living Room:

Done: Hung curtain rod and curtains, 
hung ceiling fanpaintedupgraded light fixturestiled fireplacebought lampnew floorsarranged furniture and hung art 
To Do: Make mantle for fireplace, new molding, build built-in bookcases, get fireplace working 

Kitchen/Breakfast Nook:

Done: Painted, new ceiling fan in breakfast nook, removed awkward ceiling fan in kitchen, installed new microwave, purchased refrigerator, new floors
To Do: New cabinets, new range instead of built-in oven and cook top, new counter tops, additional lighting under cabinets, pendant lighting over the sink, new bar stools, finish painting chairs for breakfast nook, new windowsills in nook*, new sink.

Great Room:

Done: Paintedpurchased entertainment center, hung art, hung TV, routed cables through the wall, new coffee tableadded more seatingnew ceiling fan*hung star mirror, new floors, new baseboards, new rug, repainted a more subtle color, install floor outlet
To Do: Widen doorway to entryway, add sofa table. 

Master Bedroom:

Done: Painted, installed new ceiling fan, purchased dressers, new blinds bladeshung curtainspurchased bed frame, new floors
To Do: Redo fireplace, install crown molding, new door (instead of stupid sliding pocket door)#, find side table for Dan, more lighting. 

Master Bathroom/Closet:

Done: Replaced sliding glass doorremoved and patched toilet paper holderupgraded toilet room, added storage, new floors in closetTo Do: Paint, new bathroom floor, new vanities, remove overhead dry wall pocket*, new mirrors, add wall sconces, french doors into closet, new shower*, new shelving and organization in closet, chandelier, twinkly lights around top, furniture (including a standing mirror and an island/ottoman), find a cat bed they will sleep in instead of next to 

Guest Room/Guest Bath/Guest Closet:

Done: Painted bookcase and end table, bought bedding, painted room, installed new ceiling fanwindow treatments, magazine shelves, new end table
To Do: New floors, modify/new bed frame, new cabinets and counter top, new toilet, new shower doors, paint bathroom and closet. 


Done: Paint, new lighting, hung art (1 and 2), new floors, new baseboards
To do: Nothing! Done!

Hall Bathroom:

Done: Hung some art, removed drywall and purchased tubremoved carpet and wall to create one space, installed tub, installed recessed lighting
To do: Penny floors!, paint, new toilet, new lighting, new cabinets and countertop* 


Done: Hung art, new dressernew windownew windowsillnew desknew ceiling fan, new window treatment, removed built-in desks, new floors
To Do: Stain shelving, install cabinets, built-in cat box, paint, new floors, new lighting. 

Workout Room:

Done: New windows and window sills, wiring for ceiling fan, paint, ceiling fan, new lighting, installed blinds
To Do: new floors, base boards, paint closet sliding door frame 

Laundry Room:

Done: Purchased washer and dryer, electrical work on lighting, updated coat closet
To Do: Paint, new floors, move sink into garage, build platform for washer/dryer, purchase deep freezer, straighten out crooked pantry, install some shelving, find bench and storage for shoes, new lighting.


Done: Built Turtle's habitatremoved pokey bush, updated Turtle's house
To Do: Remove gravel, plant some trees, fire pit, build housing to hide pool pipes, convert exterior shower into a shed, replace outdoor lights 


Done: Removed fountain, planted some trees, removed a ton of dead cactus, new porch lights
To Do: redo driveway, paint garage door, new driveway lights, paint pergola 

Other things we've done: new roof, updated pool solar heating, adobe bricks sealed, built Dan's external shop (Part 12, and 3), added fill dirt
Other things in progress: -

Monday, February 19, 2018

Another Year Older, None the Wiser

My birthday was at the end of January. It wasn't a 'milestone' birthday but I do love to celebrate me.

Continuing my annual tradition, I took the day off from work. My husband made me french toast for breakfast before he left for work. After filling up, my mom and I went on a wildlife hike. It was just over three miles and we saw almost zero wildlife. Every spot that you would normally see jack rabbit or deer or anything but little birds was empty. It was still a lovely little walk, but my mom was disappointed that her trail didn't show itself off properly.

It was lunch time by the time we finished so we went to lunch at one of those eat-in movie theaters. We didn't have a plan so we just picked a movie when we arrived. That's the beauty of going to a movie in the middle of a weekday: there are plenty of open seats. Usually the movies are terrible at the end of January so I've gotten used to watching trash (see the Vin Diesel XXX sequel last year) and I kind of look forward to it. This year we ended up watching 'The Greatest Showman', which is not supposed to be trash. I was kind of disappointed, but the music was good. I'm not a fan of circuses and Hugh Jackman's character had virtually no redeeming qualities for being the 'hero', but I enjoyed everyone else.

I spent the rest of my day lounging at home with my cats, watching youtube videos and reading books. It was a good day.

One of my friends wanted to celebrate with me, so on that Friday we did one of those wine and paint classes. I don't drink, but I do enjoy directed creativity. I always feel guilty choosing activities that come at a price, but once I saw this one on the website, I knew we had to do it.

It was a beautiful combination of Van Gogh's 'Starry Night' and Star Wars. Abstract and nerdy, we needed to do it.

I was concerned that Dan wouldn't enjoy it, but he loved it. He was such a good sport and I'm already keeping an eye out for the next class that may be up our alley.

Afterward, my friends and I went to a local fast food joint up the street (Eegees!) and met up with some more of us, sat in booths in the back, and filled up on french fries and frozen drinks. I wanted it to feel like being a teenager again and the night delivered.

Dan and I celebrated together, just the two of us, on Saturday. It was a beautifully warm day and we spent it at the zoo. Most the animals were out, as were all the children in town, but we still had a fun time. I took Snapchats and added ridiculous captions and sent them to Dan so that, at the end, he had my recap of the day.

We got frozen yogurt at the mall on the way home and had a bit of a shopping spree. Who can tell a girl no when you are celebrating her birthday? The rest of the day was chill, which is always good by me.

I celebrated with my family on Sunday by opening gifts and going out for pizza.

My birthday is always my favorite holiday. That probably says a lot about me, but I like being the center of attention. This year wasn't the big party like last year, but I did get to spend time with lots of people I love and care about. It was a good day celebrating a good year.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Books of 2017

One of my resolutions last year was to read more. In an effort to increase the number of books I read, I documented what I read.

I was doing really good. REALLY GOOD, until about half way through the year. I made the mistake that the library had some sort of online record of the books I had checked out, but I was wrong. There's no "Order History" like Amazon, so I was digesting books and forgetting what they were called. Oops.

I'm starting this over again this year, but with a physical copy in my newly-acquired bullet journal. My new goal is quantity over quality. I want to read as many books as possible and feel no commitment to finish crappy books.

And clearly the books I read last year demonstrate that. There were some trash ones, but I enjoyed it, none the less.
  • The Raven King (Finished 1/11/17): Fourth and final book of the 'Raven Cycle' series. It's probably my favorite book of the series for character development, but the ending is incredibly abrupt. It's fairly easy to assume most of the conclusions for the characters based on who they are, but there was one major (MAJOR) scene that had no resolution what-so-ever and, if there had been, it probably would have been the perfect book to me. 
  • Silver Shadows (1/15/17): Book five of the six book 'Bloodlines' series (the spin-off from the 'Vampire Academy' series). This is the first strong book of the 'Bloodlines' series. Books 1-3 set up the world and the problems the characters would eventually have to deal with, but Book 4 felt like a complete placeholder to the story line of Book 5. The twists in this series can be seen a mile away, but it's still very enjoyable. 
  • The Ruby Circle (1/29/17): Sixth and final book of the 'Bloodlines' series (the spin-off from the 'Vampire Academy' series). This book had to act as the conclusion for the first five books of the series and it would have had a lot of storylines to close. However, on top of that, it tried to wrap up storylines that didn't really need conclusions from the 'Vampire Academy' series and it was just too much. It's still a good read, but some conclusions are made too cleanly and simply to give time and space to other threads that could have just been left alone. 
  • Fan Girl (2/5/17): Recommended and lent to me by my sister, it's a story of a college freshman who writes knock-off Harry Potter fanfiction. It was an interesting read and the structure had a twist that most young adult novels don't: about half-way through, almost all the plots that I thought would take the entire book to hash out, resolved. The second half of the story grew and focused on some of the smaller arcs from the first half. I found the fanfiction portion of it to be the least compelling part, but I did enjoy it. 
  • The Gunslinger (3/2/17): Book 1 in the 'Dark Tower' series. I've heard a lot of good things about these books from my nerds friends so I thought I'd give it a shot. Here's where I'll get controversial: I did not enjoy this book. Maybe it's because I've been on a Young Adult kick, but I don't like stories where elements of the plot are left out to be 'mysterious'. I like stories with linear timelines (maybe the occasional flashback or forward) and where I'm given enough information to care about what's happening. I may try reading the next book in the series before riding it off completely, but it was not an enjoyable book for me. 
  • The Color of Magic (3/19/17): This was my first Terry Pratchett novel and, for the most part, I enjoyed it. It was like reading a D & D session. I may try another one down the line, but I had two critiques. One, I never really bonded with the main character. He was always a bit 'eh' to me. Two, there were almost no female characters and the ones there were were not even two-dimensional. They were one-dimensional, if that. 
  • Binti: Home (3/21/17): Book Two of the Binti trilogy. It was a great read and I love how short these books are. It's hard to describe, but the series is about an African girl going to space university. The biggest problem with it is that I had no idea it was a trilogy and the book ends with the largest cliffhanger I think I've ever come across. There was no attempt to soften the blow before just stopping. And I have no idea when the third book comes out. 
  • Storm Front (3/26/17): Book One of the 'Dresden Files'. It's about a wizard who helps solve crimes in modern times. I've had several people rave about this series so I wanted to give it a try. It was pretty good and I'll give a series another shot, but man were the women poorly-written. It's from 2000, a time when women became 'empowered' by being hyper-sexualized, which in reality comes across as incredibly skeevy. I'm hoping the series evolves passed that feeling. 
  • Carry On (4/2/17): The official fan-fiction referenced in 'Fan Girl' (see above). This is a weird sort of book because of what it pretends to be. It's pretending to be fan-fiction of the conclusion of a non-existent 'Harry Potter'-ish series. It has to pretend that you have the information of the previous six books when in fact the previous six books never existed. For the most part, it's well done, but it lacks the emotional weight the conclusion of a series should have. It's definitely a good read, but it missed the very tiny target it was aiming at. 
  • Fool Moon (4/28/17): Book Two of the 'Dresden Files'. I'm enjoying the 'Dresden Files', but I can't say I'm happy with it yet. Book Two is much better than Book One. Dresden depends more on the team around him, but yet there's very little justification for the 'heroic' decisions he makes. They are called 'chivalrous', but most of the time it's just moronic. Dresden declares in this book to be more honest and forthcoming with his colleagues so maybe he'll stop being so 'heroic' in future books, which would make the series easier to stomach. I'll give it at least one more shot since I do enjoy the fast-paced speed of the plots.
  • Prey (DNF 5/22/17) While I traditionally enjoy Michael Crichton novels, this one took forever to get going. This one was the story, I think, of nanobots that escaped a lab and evolved and were terrible. I don't know. I gave up about one third of the way through and read a synopsis later. Maybe I'll try again in the future, but I've got too many good books on my plate to force my way through something that's only OK. 
  • American Gods (5/29/17) This book about the conflict between new Gods and old Gods in America had been on my Reserve list through the library since the beginning of the year. It took almost six months before it was in my hands. It was a great read and I'm excited for both the show and to read more Neil Gaiman in the future. 
  • You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) (6/4/17) This is the memoir of Felicia Day. I'm definitely a big fan of hers. Because I have been following her for a while, it was incredibly interesting to find out all the behind-the-scenes stuff that happened along the way. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of hers or to anyone interested in turning something niche into a full-blown career. 
  • Grave Peril (6/6/17) Third book in the Dresden Files series. Since my library only carries the E-Book versions of this series, I download them and read them on my afternoon walks away from my desk. I think I'm officially hooked on the series. The plot connections still aren't as strong as I'd like them to be, but the supporting cast is getting stronger and more complex, which is good since I'm not really a fan of Harry Dresden himself. 
After this point, I got into graphic novels and that's where things got very confusing. There were anthologies and single volumes and it was so confusing, especially since I forgot to write down the titles. 

There was some Avengers and Wonder Woman and Valerian and James Bond books and John Green books and all sorts of other things.

I'll try to do better next year.  

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Goals for 2018

I've been MIA for the longest I've ever been from blogging. It's nothing personal, you guys. I haven't even read any blogs in months. My life shifted focus for a bit, that's all.

Let me go back for a minute and recap, for my own sanity. Where I last left off, we were about to get all the floors in our house redone [link]. It's a long story that I may someday decide to tell, but it ended up taking two weeks longer than expected (it was only to be a week long project) and the installers broke, damaged, or ruined many other things in our house. While the floors are beautiful, the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth that I chose not to dwell on by documenting it for the blog. Although it's almost four months later, we are still working to get our house back in order.

In addition to all the house stuff, I've taken up a new hobby. I won't go into any real details here, but I've taken up some design work for myself. I'll hopefully have an etsy shop up and running soon, but most of my creative energy shifted away from blogging and into this new outlet.

Because of these two things, this blog became dusty. I felt some guilt about it at first, but that faded pretty quickly. I no longer have the delusion that this blog will be anything other than a way for me to remember my own life. I won't become some sort of overnight internet celebrity and this space will generate income. I miss that boat. Oh well.

So, to get back on track, I am back. No promises as to how often or in what capacity, but I did want to come back to continue my tradition of analyzing my resolutions from last year and create some new ones for 2018. Resolutions didn't go according to plan, either, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was a fail. I mean, I may give some 'F's, but that doesn't mean *I* am a failure.

Finally, successfully, learn how to drive stick shift. This 100% didn't happen. My new way of handling this is, when my husband starts talking about getting a new car (which he does ALL THE TIME), I ask, "Does that model come with Automatic?" Like, maybe I'll let him buy that fancy new Jeep if he gets it in Automatic. Eventually, I'll just phase out all his stick vehicles and I won't have this problem anymore, right? F

Write four blog posts a month. I did real good through August and Nothing. So, like, that's not a complete failure, right? The flaw I found in forcing my self to write a certain number of posted is that I hoped it would motivate me to do more exciting things and then write about them. Instead, it just ends up being me writing about boring things in my life that I, nor anyone else, care to read about. D

Hang out with Dan more. This one really boils down to 'being more mindful of spending quality time together'. Rather than just sitting on our laptops next to each other, engaging in activities together. Having some spontaneous outings. Focusing on the 'friendship' portion of our relationship. And it was pretty good. I wasn't necessarily intentionally trying to achieve this goal, but it did end up happening throughout 2017 more than 2016. B

Read more. I definitely read a lot last year. A lot of great stuff. A lot of terrible stuff. One of the biggest revelations that came from this resolution is that you don't have to finish books. If you aren't enjoying a book and you already gave it 100 pages of effort, cut your losses and move on. This freed me up to try and read a bunch of stuff I wouldn't have before. I got weirdly into comic books. I have a whole other post planned about this that I'll post hopefully soon. but it was a weirdly successfully resolution. A

Find more ways to give back. This one was a cop out for me. I did give more this year, but it was mostly financially-based. I gave to charities and I gave big tips and bonuses to those around me at the holidays, but I failed to give back with my time or my energy. The opportunities didn't present themselves like they have in the past and I didn't go and seek them out. D

And now on to the new stuff!

Try a new recipe a month. This was one of my goals back in 2016 and it was great. It was quite a bit of pressure, so it fell off in 2017. I'm bringing it back and hopefully it will be easier this time because Dan is trying to be healthier. He can be a very picky eater, but it's been easier to deal with lately because if he is hesitant to try something new, I can play the 'it's healthy, just try it' card and it usually works.

Hide less from people. This is probably a 'me' specific problem, but I hate talking to people when I am out and about. Unless you are my best friend or my mom, I don't want to make small talk in Target. If you are a person I barely know, I will do the polite wave or head tilt across the grocery store, but I will go out of my way to avoid someone I knew in high school. It's starting to become a real problem for me and I need to train myself to bear the five minutes of awkward catch-up and move on.

Take a stab at bullet-journaling. In an effort to wrangle my scatter-braining, I've gotten myself a bullet-journal. It arrived on New Year's Eve and I've already started scribbling in it. I know I will never be as good at it as so many people on Pinterest and Youtube, but I just want all my notes in one place. No pressure, just doodles. Hopefully I'll eventually develop a system, but if I don't, no skin off my back.

Be more tidy. I am the type of person who takes her pants off and leaves them where they lie. Or who puts dishes in the sink even though the dishwasher is empty. In a pinch, I could make my house presentable in under 15 minutes. However, I'd like to not live in fear that the person ringing the doorbell will want to come inside. It doesn't save me any work in the long run by being sloppy so why not try to get it right the first time?

Reduce waste. I started this in 2017, but I want to go full 'hippie' this year. I've switched to canvas grocery bags. My sister got me a tumbler composter for Christmas. I've got reusable make-up wipes coming in the mail. I'm starting the year on the right foot, but I'd like to investigate more ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

So, that's my list. I've got more, but they are either too small to share here, too risky to believe I will actually complete them, or too personal. I'm trying not to overhype myself this year. Honestly, nothing changed between Sunday and Monday, other than the calendars, so why put all this sudden pressure on myself?

I believe this can be a good year and hope I am correct.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Project House Update: Electric Boogaroom

It's another installment of "Look At All The Crap We Had to Get Done Before New Floors"! Because we can't keep anything simple and love to over-complicate everything, this is the story of the new outlets in the floor.

It's always been a wish-list item for us to have outlets in the floors in the centers of our living room and our den. Given how we wanted the ultimate lay-outs of the rooms, electronics would reside in the centers of the rooms, away from the walls. We use our laptops on the couch in the living room and the desk in the den will be home to a desktop computer. Up until now, we've run extension cords across the floor, but that's honestly dangerous. I am just too clumsy to not trip on that eventually. 

Dan had the foresight to realize that once the new wood floors were installed, we would never have floor outlets. It's not like we would rip up the beautiful new floors to have them installed. So, if it were ever going to be done, it had to be now.

The hardest part of the whole endeavor was finding the right person to do it for us. It was kind-of electrical work, but the real bear of it would be cutting a trench in the foundation to run the conduit for the wiring. We lost a week, and ultimately had to push back the floor install date, because no electrician would get back to us. We reached out to the general contractor who built the shop and they waaaaaaay overpriced it. We came back offering half and they agreed.

It was over ten hours of cutting and jackhammering (which was a fun day of working from home for me), but it got done. 

Once the floor is all done, Dan will install the pretty brass face-plates and we will have outlets in the floor like a conference room. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Project House Update: Tub of Lies

This is the story of a woman who thought she knew what she was doing and gummed up the works. Though, like any fairytale, there's a happy ending.

When we started planning out the blue bathroom renovations, a task we quickly agreed upon was the removal of the wall. Originally, the bathroom was two spaces: an outer chamber with the sink and mirror and the inner chamber with the toilet and bathtub. It would probably have been a practical bathroom arrangement for kids who share a bathroom. Older kids, like tweens and teens where one wants to shower and the other wants to do their hair. However, because the inner chamber is so small and cramped, it didn't fit our lifestyle for the next five, ten years. We don't have tweens. We'll probably have babies. Babies who will need to be bathed in the only tub in the house, in a small, dark room. we pictured ourselves having to kneel next to this old tub in this crowded space and it became an easy decision: the room needed to grow.

That was an easy decision for us, but a more difficult decision came in the form of what type of tub we wanted. I have always dreamed of having a vintage, relaxing bathroom and a big portion of that was a claw-foot tub. Dan liked the appearance of them, but he had concerns about the practicality. We went back and forth and couldn't find a compromise. We didn't have any good resources to determine the correct direction, so I had an idea. I posed the question to Apartment Therapy. It took a couple of weeks, but they posted it. Here's my original question:
My husband and I are planning our guest bathroom renovation and we are at an impasse as to what type of bathtub to choose. I'm all-in on a clawfoot tub. He is not. My argument is based mainly on aesthetics, his on functionality. The bathroom will have a vintage feel with a gorgeous tile floor, so a clawfoot tub would not only fit with the look of the room, but allow us to use more of the pretty tile under it...
However, it's also the only bathroom in our house with a tub and will eventually be the bathroom our future kids will use. My husband is concerned with lack of edge/shelf space for bath products and the potential amount of water splashing and overflow from the gap between the the tub and the walls.
Since we don't know anyone personally with a clawfoot tub, I pose this question to you: can a clawfoot tub be practical with children or should we stick with our existing built-in tub?
And comments poured in. It was great. The comments mostly fell into two categories: people who had fond memories of club foot tubs as children and people who tolerated them as adults. As we got more and more opinions, it became clearer and clearer that Dan was going to win. I caved and we moved forward with a built-in tub, not a stand-alone tub.

We were in agreement that we wanted to remove the wall and install a new built-in tub. Now, I'm going to skip ahead a bit to something I found out later, just for some context. A lot of homes are built with this small, inner chambers because of how bathtubs are built. 90% of bathtubs are designed to be surrounded by walls on three sides. These small chambers surround tubs on three sides and everyone's happy. However, we wanted to remove one of those walls so it would now only be surrounded by two walls. It would just sit in the corner. And remember how I said like 90% of tubs are built for three walls? Yeah, this was going to cause a problem, but I didn't know that yet.

Once we were in agreement, I started hunting for tubs, without knowing what I was looking for. I didn't know the difference between corner stand-along tubs and corner built-in tubs. Here's the difference:

Image Source
Built-in tubs come with these lips/ledges that you tile over to keep water from flowing down behind the tub. They are made for tubs you intend to shower in.

Without that knowledge, I create a huge list of beautiful corner tubs. Dan asked me if I had found any tubs that would work for us and I ignorantly told him that I had found a bunch. No need to worry, let's start the renovation. And before I knew it, he was knee deep in drywall and the room was without a wall.

That's the point that he looked  at my list and had a mini-heart attack. Almost none of the tubs I loved would work. They were lip-less. We had torn apart the room on my assurance that I had found tubs that would work and I was wrong. Laptops in hand, we searched and searched  and found a handful we thought might work, but the numbers were not in our favor.

Many looked like they might be tight enough to the wall so we could try and tile tight to prevent water from getting behind it, but it would be a gamble. Also, Dan found some add-on kits that act as the lip that you can turn a stand-alone tub into a built-in, but we didn't want to have to trust it. We were down to three tubs that were meant to be installed in corners like we needed and two more fell off for being too long for the room. We were left with one tub. Good thing we liked it because it was what we were stuck with.

I left Dan to order it, since he knew all of the configuration details, like where the drain needed to go. In hindsight, I should have known better to let him buy something unsupervised because he added all sorts of bells and whistles. Jets, a heater, a. recirculating pump, this thing is pimped out. And he didn't tell me about any of it. He got in trouble for that one.

And like most of our projects, once we received it, it sat. It sat in the shop for almost a year before we moved it into the house. Not the bathroom, but the guest room because we needed to use the trailer it had been sitting on. But now that things have escalated, it's in place!

To recap, when we decided to finally redo all the floors, it created the flow chart to end all flow charts. Before the floors went in, we wanted to repaint the green living room and kitchen, but before we painted, we wanted the drywall fixed. And if the drywall guys were going to be here to fix the kitchen, they might as well just drywall the blue bathroom at the same time. And to drywall the bathroom, the tub needed to be installed. It was all very "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie".

It's been plumbed and glued in place! We finally have a beautiful new tub! Who knows when I will actually get to bathe in it, but it's there!

Here's the run-down of what's remaining to do in blue bathroom.
  • remove carpet
  • remove dividing wall
  • remove old bathtub
  • order new bathtub 
  • remove drywall
  • re-drywall room
  • remove old vanity
  • install penny floors!
  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work
  • install new vanity! (We purchased the vanity many moons ago. Like everything, this has its own story behind it. We'll get there.)
  • Install bathtub
  • Tile bathtub surround
  • Swap in new toilet
  • Paint
  • Hang mirror and lights 
So much is happening! The floors have been ongoing for over a week now. They were supposed to be done in five days. But before I get to that story, there's a lot of other items on that chart to cover. We've been so busy and I am looking forward to this all finally being over.