Monday, August 13, 2012

Project House Update: The Evil Shrub

I can't take any credit for this one. This one was all my husband, being a beast.

Last weekend, Jimmy, Dan's best friend, was bored and felt like working on house stuff. I don't exactly follow the logic, but I think he wanted an unconventional workout and since he can't really tear apart the condo he rents, he wanted to take it out on our house.

Which was completely, 100% fine by me. Do you know how many projects Dan gets out of using the excuse, "I just can't do it by myself" (Apparently my muscles don't count. And they shouldn't. My arms are chubby spaghetti, if that makes any sense. Or unbaked baguettes...)

The first thing they tackled was getting all the solar coils for heating the pool back on the roof. When we had the roof redone in June, Dan saved us a couple hundred dollars pulling the coils down himself. However, it's much easier to pull them down, with gravity working with you, than putting them back up, against gravity.

Between the two of them, though, it couldn't have taken more than an hour to get all 20+ giant coils back on the roof where they belong. Now, what else could they do with the rest of the afternoon?

How about tackling the world's most annoying bush?

It's hard to see in this picture, but there's a sidewalk that goes all around the pool. However, on the far side of the pool, no matter how often you trim it, this damn bush will always end up stabbing you. It's not like it just pokes you. The leaves are sharp enough that probably 80% of the time, it draws blood. It's just a huge pain.

So the boys took action. I gave them permission to do whatever they needed. "Burn the sucker to the ground, as long as you're careful and jump in the pool if you catch on fire."

Fortunately, they chose to just chop it down instead.

They were really quick, too. They sent me to my parent's house to borrow some rope so limbs wouldn't fall in the pool and by the time I returned, I was able to get this picture.

It was a good amount of progress, but I was oblivious to how much progress it actually was. They were discussing taking the scraps to the dump and I piped up about how it would probably fit in the two curb side garbage cans we have.

"Take a look at the trailer."

And they weren't even done yet. Yeah, there was no way it would fit in the trash. It really didn't look as large as it was until they started attacking it.

It took them probably two hours, but now all that remains is a stump and a large rock that was apparently hidden underneath the bush.

Doesn't it look so much better? No more stabby stabby! Also, it really opens up the backyard. That portion of the yard always felt kind of claustrophobic, but it's like it can breathe now. We'd like to plant some trees on the other side of the wall to hide our neighbor's house, but it's such an improvement!

Good job honey!

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