Monday, October 17, 2011

Project House Update: Hallway

While I love our new house, it hasn't been updated since the original owners built it in 1983. Old appliances, carpeting in EVERY room (bathrooms and kitchen included), and paint that they didn't bother to touch up when they moved out.

The house is entirely liveable, but everything needs to be redone eventually. The difficult part was determining where to start. We finally decided on the hallway. We could start by just painting it to cover the dozens of holes from the pictures that used to hang, updating the lighting, and doing something about the ugly decorative molding.

 The Hallway, Before

After a long weekend consisting of three trips to Home Depot, a last minute change of heart on some scones, finally talking my husband into painting the molding, and basically being soaked to the bone in paint, it is done! Hopefully, we will never have to do any major work in the hall again.

The Hallway, After

The biggest problem came from a spontaneous decision we made late in the first day of painting. I was doing the edges inside the linen closet and my husband said, "We could paint the inside of the closet whatever color we wanted. It could be any crazy color." It made sense and it seemed like something we would do. I let Dan pick out the color (poor guy doesn't get to make a lot of decisions with me around) and he picked Crimson Silk. 

 The Linen Closet, Before and After

Four coats of paint later, it's still a little streaky, but since it's just housing towels, we're throwing in ours and calling it good.

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