Friday, November 9, 2012

Fan of Friday: Week of 11/9/2012

This week, I'm a fan of art.

I know it's kind of an odd thing to be a fan of, but I'm on an art kick.

It's actually kind of an odd way this obsession came around. I was watching a lot of TV and trying to figure out why some of these house sets feel more homey and cozy than my own home. Look at some of these screen shots.

"Mike and Molly"
Interior from "Grimm"
"Big Bang Theory"
My theory? Look how full those walls are! They have so much personality. Why can't my walls have personality, too?

I think my brain is still stuck in teenage mode of "You better not put holes in those walls!" Well, they're my walls now and I want to cover them with stuff.

Now, since I've been collecting for a bit, stuff is starting to pile up. I get indecisive about what should go where until I just snap and hang a bunch of stuff at once. Like the shadowbox that has yet to find a home.

And like this mirror I'd been hunting at Target (this isn't my picture but you can see how they changed it here).

Or this gorgeous James Bond print (you know I love me some Bond) that should be arriving any day now from Joss and Main.

And some that I'm eye-ing.

Just a little jelly
This picture is happiness
The cat looks like Rusty!

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