Monday, June 2, 2014

Project House Update: The North Star

Look at this beautiful upgrade that, like everything I do, should have been simple, but ended up remarkably complicated.

In the triangular wall space in our raftered great room, I wanted to hang a mirror. Originally, I found the round one shown below at Target that fit the space well. The only problem? Since it was a flat-faced mirror, all it managed to reflect was the brown brown brown of the wood beams above it.

After months of living with a perfectly lovely round mirror, I found a second, better mirror at Target. I had a coupon so it was clearly meant to be.

Turns out, there was one flaw I didn't anticipate: hanging it. For the space, I really like the orientation shown in the picture above, with the points on the vertical and horizontal axes. However, the hanging bracket only allowed you to hang it so that the pair of tips pointed up.

Since Dan agreed with me, he decided to alter the bracket to hang at the correct angle. And while he was at it, he modified it so that it could pick up the same mounting positions as the old mirror, so we wouldn't need to put any new holes in the wall.

I feel bad, thrusting all these unintentional projects on Dan, but he did do a remarkable job welding the tabs in the proper spots on the bracket.

Although it turns out this mirror too only reflects the ceiling, it's a better fit for the space. It's a little bit Southwestern while being vintage-y at the same time.

You know, why actually work on the big important house projects when you can waste an evening doing math and welding two tabs onto a mirror? One day we'll make some progress on all the bathroom redesigns we're dreaming of.

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