Monday, June 9, 2014

Project House Update: Little Bits of Progress

While we didn't finish any project entirely this weekend, a lot of progress was made!

First of all, in the never-ending fireplace, grout. Grout. Grout is done. I repeat, we grouted.

And, after all the tossing and turning I did over the grout color, it's actually an amazing match.

The next step will be laying out the dark slate tile on the vertical surface of the fireplace. When we did the previous bottom strip, we ran into a lot of problems because we tried to take it slowly. However, since the geometry will be much trickier this time, we will probably have to take it slowly, have a detailed plan that we update as we go, and fix our mistakes afterward. I'll go into more detail when we get going on it.

Another project that got a couple steps closer to completion was the hole I made in the bathroom. When we last left it, it looked like this:

You know how I originally said that I wanted to do this one on my own? Well, I went to the mall with my mom and my sister and by the time I got home, Dan had already taken it into his hands to work on it. First, he mounted a crossbeam for mounting a toilet paper holder and cut back the drywall to expose the studs. Second, he installed the new piece of drywall. Lastly, he taped and mudded the gaps.

The next step is definitely mine, though. Texturing the patch to make it match the rest of the wall. There probably won't be much progress in the next couple of weeks as my schedule is about to go completely insane, so every little bit counts.

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