Thursday, April 27, 2017

Project House Update: Period Cart

This is a weird little project I've been working on for a while, but I think it's quite unique and I'm pretty proud of it.

Back almost three years ago, I did a mini re-do on the 'toilet room' in our master bathroom. I removed the old, built-in toilet paper holder, patched it, and painted the room. Because this was meant to be a hold-over project until we did a full bathroom re-do, some details were put off. No new toilet paper holder was installed and I was tired of just setting the toilet paper on the back of the toilet, so I assembled the Ikea cart we had purchased.

Over time, I realized it was a great place to store all my period stuff. With a toilet room, any time I needed something meant the forethought to grab it from under my sink before heading into the toilet. Now, I had all this space to store stuff and it was great.

Then along came Dan. In his traditional masculinity, having all of my period stuff out made him uncomfortable. He wanted it hidden away.

So what did I do, as a good wife?

I ignored him completely and put everything on display instead.

I took a bunch of empty candle containers and small cheap vases and organized my tampons by size.

The part of this project that took the most time was finding and gathering the right size containers. Bath and Body Works three-wick candle jars work really well for this.

The last little bit of my display is my new art. These images are both from my work calendar last year. I think the fog one was May and the starry night was December. Something about these images, especially when paired together, is incredibly peaceful to me. The fog image seems to be of a doe in the morning fog, unsure of the day that lies ahead. The starry night is the same doe, surviving her day, and relaxing at the end of it. And, because we're being honest here, I use this bathroom in the morning or at night so the beauty of it isn't lost on me.

I need to come up with a catchy term for whatever the hell this set-up is, so suggestions are appreciated.  I can't come up with anything punny involving periods or carts.

I am quite proud of it, though. It's nothing special, but too many people treat periods like some sort of curse. Something we don't talk about or acknowledge. But as a woman who annoyingly bleeds from her vagina for a week each month, this set-up has proven to be incredibly handy.

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