Friday, August 31, 2012

Fan of Friday: Week of 8/31/2012

Have you seen this woman?

She's Felicia Day and if you don't know who she is, then clearly you haven't seen Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and I don't think we can be friends anymore. Seriously, what's wrong with you!? Go watch it now and come back and thank me in the comments and I'll forgive you.

I like to believe that if I ever became famous for anything (like maybe my mad minesweeper or Duke Nukem skills), she would play me in the movie version of my life. That would be a boooor-ing movie.


She's one of Joss Whedon's muses so she's been on Buffy, Dollhouse, and of course Dr Horrible. She's also a big old geek in real life who loves video games, hence her show "The Guild" about a group of people playing an online role-playing game.

I get so easily distracted...

Point of this post, she also has two awesome online outlets: her blog and her youtube channel. While her blog is basically self-promotion, it's still very entertaining. But if you really want to be entertained, you should watch her web show. Some of it is over my head because it highlights a lot of games I've never heard of, but beyond that, the rest of the videos are so much fun. It's hard to sum up the videos, but she has on her "celebrity" friends (I use quotes because they are well known in the geek community, but may be anonymous in other circles) and does stuff. I know that's the worst summary ever, but I find it very amusing.

Here's a link to her blog and here are a couple of my favorite videos.

Maybe, someday, if I ever met her, I could translate my redheaded-ness and my skills at one old school video game (the aforementioned Duke Nukem) into a friendship with her. That would be awesome...

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