Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Project House Update: Window Sill

I'm sure you've been waiting on pins and needles for me to finnnnnally update you with the new window sills for the workout room. In my last post about these windows, we had them installed, but the sill were naked.

Here's what they look like now!

But let's go back to the beginning, shall we?

Apparently, I never took a proper 'Before' picture of the old window sills. The closest images I have to a 'Before' is this picture from when we painted the room and removed the old sills. You can see it sitting, torn out, next to the window.

And, nearly a year and a half after painting the room and buying windows, we finally installed the windows a few months ago.

Once the windows were installed, Dan and I debated back and forth quite a bit about the sills. He was in favor of trimming them in wood. There were two big problems with this:
  1. We would need to determine the wood we wanted to use as the trim for the ENTIRE house and then trim the windows, and we were nowhere near ready to make that decision.
  2. Wood trim window sills can be easily damaged, especially by water and kids. I had flashbacks to being a kid, overwatering plants I had on my windowsill. And since this room will most likely be a kid's room someday, wood seemed kind of weak.
I was in favor of tiling the sills, particularly in a tile that matched the marble tiles of the fireplace. However, Dan thought that individual tiles might not be strong enough if we laid them with the lip overhang we wanted.

He started down the path of trying to find some stone remnants from counter installers to use as sills. When these estimates came back in the several hundred dollar range, that idea died quickly.

We reached an impasse so we say, sill-less, for a while.

I don't know how Dan came across it, but he found that our local big box tile store actually sold window sills in their tile department. For just $27, we could get a 6"x73" window sill in the exact same marble as our fireplace tiles!

It was a great deal, but we didn't want to pull the trigger until we saw the stone in person. Unfortunately, they didn't have any in stock in our store, so again, we found ourselves inactive. Turns out, however, the website had our local store set as the Phoenix location, not the Tucson one. They had plenty in stock in Tucson. So, we quickly borrowed my parents' SUV and bought $60 worth of window sills.

It took a couple of hours work on my husband's part to cut them to size. The arched window was additionally challenging because the rear edge wasn't straight left to right. He had to shave about half an inch of material on the back side.

Once they were cut to size, he adhered them into place and he's been slowly working to caulk around them.

I love these sills so much. They just look so professional and classy. The stone has these beautiful blue undertones that tie it smoothly to the pale blue-gray of the walls.

Out of every room in the house, this one is coming along the fastest now. It's also probably because it is the simplest room in the house, but I'm so excited to check another thing off the to-do list!

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