Tuesday, August 28, 2012

TV Round Up: 2011

Last fall, I reviewed almost every new pilot I could get my hands on (which, looking at the list now, was only six. Sad). Now, a year later, I figured I'd give an update as to what I think now of each of these shows before I start on the new crop of pilots (yay for shows being released on the internet early!).
  •  The New Girl. I gave it an A-, contingent on the fact that they don't try to hook her up with one of the boys. I have basically been watching the first season religiously and I'm sticking to my guns: I will continue to be happy as long as they don't hook her up with Nick. I like the chemistry and I have to imagine they will get there eventually, but no time soon, please? But I will gladly be watching this shows second season.
  • Up All Night. Here's what I thought a year ago, "There isn't a hook to this show yet. It needs to hook me in. I don't get excited to watch it." It earned a B-. And I still feel the same way. I kept up for the first half of the season, but then they switched around the work dynamic, which was the only reason I was watching because the home dynamic was not relatable and just kind of annoying to me. Now that supposedly they will be focusing even more on the home life rather than the TV show in the second season, I'm out.
  • 2 Broke Girls. I gave the pilot an A, but honestly, I only really ever watch it because it came on after HIMYM and there wasn't anything else on. You could pick almost any episode and it would be the same formula: work at diner, try to make extra money on the side, hijinx, hijinx, hijinx, and vagina jokes. I'll probably watch it if it's on, but I won't be going out of my way.
  • Whitney. B. Here's the thing: I'm ashamed to admit that I still like this show. I do. Not for Whitney because she is annoying as all hell, but the other characters aren't that bad. They definitely almost killed it in the middle of the season when one of the characters was suddenly like, "Oh hey, I'm gay", but it's come back a bit since then. I was very surprised that it got picked up for another season, and probably it's last season, but I'll continue to watch it. Not that I will openly admit it.
  • Charlie's Angels. D-. Hahahahaha, it's dead. There is some justice in the TV world.
  • Pan Am. C. This show had promise, but it had a bad timeslot, a plot that jumped around between too many characters, and the whole retro thing is only kitschy-cute rather than kitschy-irritating for so long.
Looking back at the grades I gave, I think I did pretty good. Anything with a B- or higher survived for a second season. Hopefully this next crop of pilots will follow the same trend. And I promise to do better than a measly six this time. I'm already writing up my review of "The Mindy Project", after I rewatch it like four more times.

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