Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New TV is Starting! (Pilot 1: "The New Girl")

You know who I hate? Pretentious people who talk about how they "don't watch TV". Like TV is something you should be embarrassed to partake in.

Well, HELL NO! I love TV! And I am so excited the Fall season is starting! I'm going to be soooo unproductive these next couple of weeks.

Anyway, solely as a service to you, I'm planning on watching all the new series and letting you know what I think.

First off, "The New Girl", starring Zooey Deschanel. I may be quite biased because I absolutely love her (if I could rob someone's closet, it would probably be her's) and you should, too. Have you heard "She and Him"? Go on Youtube and listen to them.

Anyway, the premise of the show is Jess breaks up with her boyfriend when she catches him cheating on her and moves in with three guys she meets on Craigslist. She doesn't understand men, they don't understand women, and hilarity ensues. Fairly typical sitcom stuff.

The reason I like this show is the reason I like movies like "Juno": it's all about the details. She makes up songs all the time, which I think 99% of the population does, at least while folding laundry. The pretty girl makes the "Lord of the Rings" references, not the token nerdy roommate. She acknowledges how ridiculous she's acting when she's trying to seduce her boyfriend rather than being some sex kitten. She's pretty but she's a complete nerd. The nerdiest person on the show is the pretty girl. It's a refreshing change.

While some of the characters are still fairly two-dimensional (especially with casting changes due to Daman Wayans Jr. being recast), but since I've only seen the pilot, there's room for growth. What I find reassuring is that the characters acknowledge that they want to grow and develop. Also, she's got a model best friend but she's just filler to add a shot of estrogen to the show. She needs the most development.

So, after watching just the pilot, I'd give it an A-. Good money is on Fox picking it up for at least the season. I just hope they don't try to develop a love connection between Jess and one of the boys. They need to stay platonic for me to be on board. If the show can get a solid direction, it'll probably last a couple of seasons, at least until Zooey Deschanel gets bored with TV.

You can watch the full pilot here on Hulu.

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