Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TV 2012: The Mindy Project

If you are unaware of my love for Mindy Kaling, you can read about my girl crush here. Since then, I've also read her book, Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), which if you haven't read, what is wrong with you? I'm cheap so I reserved it at the library and, no exaggeration, it took months until I was at the top of the list and I got to read it.

Anyway, you would think that I would be over the moon for the premiere of "The Mindy Project", but I think it made me nervous more than anything. I want it so badly to be good, what if it wasn't?

Fortunately, it premiered online waaaay early and I scooped it up. (Side note: Can I just say how much I love that pilots are being released early? I find it much easier to latch onto a show if it isn't battling four others shows when all the networks premiere at the same time.)

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Things I liked:
  • She's a little bit of a bitch and I love it. The problem with women on TV is that there aren't really any shades of gray when it comes to being a bitch. If you are the sweet, wholesome girl, you are the hero and if you are a bitch, you are the villain. However, no one is ever that cut and dry. We can be both things at all times. The show "Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23" tries very hard to show you that you can be a bitch and a good person, but it just ends up creating a caricature rather than someone realistic. In the Mindy pilot, there's a moment where she and her coworker are trading insults and she takes it too far (bitch move) and he takes it even farther and she gets offended. We've all done that. You just get caught up in winning the fight that you let the bitch flag fly and end up regretting it. If it were "New Girl", she would have awkwardly called him a poopy-head and stormed off. Not something over the age of 11 would probably do.
  • Cameo by Bill Hader! Woot woot! Love that guy!
  • The sheer amount of glitter and sequins in her wardrobe.
  • She talks how I wish I could talk. Sometimes having a filter is just a hindrance.
  • Lying to yourself is my main strategy in life. I get it. Having others intentionally lie to you is even better.
  • "One time I left a flea market with a samurai sword."
  • I'm pretty sure they utilized an M.I.A. song. More shows should, really.
  • After watching it twice now, I could probably guess what the direction of the show is, but it wasn't rammed down my throat. If I had to sum up, it's probably that Mindy knows she's made/making some bad decisions, but she should start to get her life together. Whether or not that will actually happen is yet to be seen, but I'm all for personal growth. And I'm all for not ramming the concept of a show down my throat in the pilot.
Things I didn't like:
  • Again, stop trying create a will they/won't they relationship in the first episode! I know they will eventually develop the chemistry between Mindy and Danny, but does it really need to start in the pilot? I would much rather watch Monica and Chandler than Ross and Rachel. Let people just be friends! There doesn't always have to be constant chemistry. Things can progress from friendship. 
  • I think there were at least three references to her being chubby. When I was watching this show, her size was never on my mind UNTIL they brought it up. Why does she have to belittle herself by referring to herself as chubby? She's an accomplished doctor and with a great life and yet she still feels the need to focus on her size? I really wish it had just been a non-issue. Once she brings it up, it's all I can focus on!
  • It felt like the entire episode took place over a week, but it was actually a day. I don't buy it. TV needs to realize that it's ok for things to take time. Not everything happens immediately. I wouldn't have even thought that it could have possibly all taken place in one day until it was referenced at the end of the episode. 
  • I do not like the British guy. I'd say that if they give him a personality and a back story, he might not be that bad, but I kind of just want him gone now.
I give it an A. Most of the problems I had with the episode were hopefully only pilot issues so I will be watching this show religiously. I already am and there's only one episode to worship. 

You can watch it here.

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