Friday, September 23, 2011

Pilot 3: "2 Broke Girls"

This show had to be the show I was most nervous about because I wanted to like it sooooooo badly. So badly.

The show stars Kat Dennings as a snarky diner waitress, Max, who befriends the new waitress, Caroline, a broke heiress who just lost everything.

It has everything I need in a good comedy: snark, wit, and an actress who isn't afraid to be funny. The kind of squishy face, ugly, realistic funny I need. I hate shows where an actress attempts a joke or a prat fall and looks gorgeous the entire time. Seriously! Go for the joke and no one will remember how weird your face looked when you were selling it.

Ok, so let's start with the pro's of this show.
  • Kat Dennings. I L.O.V.E. her! What is it with all the great actresses on TV this season? 
  • The other characters at the diner. It was smart decision to base most of the show at the diner. You can have the people who work at the diner, the regular costumers, as well as any guest star you want as someone who just wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. 
  • The show is already being set up with a direction. Between Caroline's business back ground and Max's skill and work ethic, these girls are going to open a cupcake shop. The episode ended with the total of the money they've saved for their $250,000 dream.
And now the con's.
  • Max also works as a nanny for a rich heiress. The rich heiress is just a pointless character thrown in for easy laughs. The dumb heiress thing is overplayed. It may be used as a foil for Caroline and her new life compared to her old one, but you could have fast-forwarded over that whole part and you wouldn't have missed anything.
  • The apartment they live in was supposed to be realistic of an actual New York apartment. They kind of missed the mark there, unless all waitresses are living in a giant two bedroom with a backyard. It does look like someone was murdered there 15 years ago, but it would still be an amazing steal by anyone's standards.
  • This may just be a future con but I hope they don't earn the money they need for the cupcake shop too quickly. That's a lot of money to save and unless Caroline suddenly gets access to her frozen assets, it should take AT LEAST two seasons to reach that goal, but by that time, will any cupcake shops still be in business?
I give this show an A. With some tweaks, it could easily be a show I look forward to every week, like "How I Met Your Mother" (Was anyone else as disappointed with the premiere of HIMYM as I was, minus the twist ending?). Fingers crossed because I do really want to like this show and I'd like to see it be given the chance to evolve over a couple of seasons.

You can judge for yourself here.

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