Friday, September 23, 2011

Pilot 4: "Whitney"

I swear I've been seeing previews of this show for months now. From the clips I'd seen, the show looked like it would just be an embarrassment based show. Watch Whitney humilate herself every week as everyone else plays the straight man. That being said, I wasn't looking forward to watching this show. I forced myself to watch just so I could review it for you guys (that's love for you).

Honestly, I was really happily surprised.

Here's the premise. Whitney lives with her boyfriend of three years and she is afraid of marriage. Period. That seems to be the whole premise. Pretty straightforward and simple and it paid off. And now for a more detailed breakdown...

The pro's:
  • It didn't feel like a pilot. There were some statements that were made to kind of identify the characters (how long they were dating, what they do for a living, blah blah blah), but most of the episode felt like we were already three seasons in. I claim this to be a good thing because I don't like pilots that feel like pilots, too much set up and you're left waiting and hoping things develop. No big life upsets to start things off. This show just felt like, "Here's our life. Watch the funny happen."
  • The chemistry was really good between Whitney and her boyfriend. It felt almost real and I appreciate that level of comfort. That being said, if the show screws with their relationship and pulls a Ross and Rachel, I won't be happy. 
  • It wasn't an embarrassment-based show. Yes, there was some embarrassment but it wasn't over the top and made me cringe every five minutes. They added in touches of these moments with a fairly careful hand.
  • Another funny woman on TV not afraid to make a fool of herself. Good job TV gods.
  •  The truth-isms they aren't afraid to make.
    • Cosmo is for skanks!
    • Five times a week is A LOT of sex. Just saying. Who has time or energy for that?
    • I don't listen to voicemail either. I'll just call you back and you can tell me then.
And the con's:
  • The laugh track is WAAAAY too intrusive. Every ten seconds for at least five seconds is definitely over the top.
  • Everyone is a little brash. While it's funny, it doesn't really draw me in. I need to connect so I come back again. 
  • It moved too fast. The episode felt like they squished two episodes together. Slow things down and let things sink in.
I'd give this show a B+.  My biggest fear is the direction of this show. How will it grow? If it's the same thing every week, I may stick around for half a season because it is entertaining but it needs to be more than a sitcom based on the pure form of the word: situation comedy. There are only so many situations I find comedic without evolution and growth.

But good job guys. I'm actually relieved and somewhat impressed. You can also be impressed here.

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