Monday, October 14, 2013

What's In My Handbag?

A while ago, I asked the internet which purse I should buy: a teal satchel or a caramel messenger bag. I pulled the trigger and you should have know. Mama ain't afraid of no color.

And since Papa's got a brand new bag, let's see what's living deep inside of it.


1.  My sunglasses case. I don't normally carry sunglasses, but they do reside in my car. The case is storage when I'm walking around in stores.
2.  My wallet. A gift from Dan on my 23rd birthday. That was probably my favorite birthday. We rented a cabin in the mountains and it snowed the night before. We barely made it to the cabin due to the bad roads, but it was perfect. And I love the wallet, even now with the gnome missing half of his face.

3.  Gum. I am always within arm's reach of a piece of dessert Extra.
4.  Dinosaur playing cards because you never know when you'll be in desperate need of cards.
5.  A notebook of post-its. Nothing seems to get done unless it's tasked out on a post-it.
6.  My camera.
7.  My cellphone. It's probably about time to get a new one, but nothing's striking my eye so motivation is pretty minimal.
8.  My make up bag! And now, for a "What's in my bag within my bag?" Whoa...

          1.  Hair ties and bobby pins. (Hehe, first time there was a typo, 'booby pins')
          2.  Eye liner, Jemma Kidd in the color 'Supermodel'.
          3.  Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacker in 'Celestial'.
          4.  Cover up stick.
          5.  Compact mirror. Present from my mom ages ago.
          6.  Revlon Balm Stain in 'Romantic'.
          7.  Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara.
          8.  Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacker in 'Aurora'.
          9.  Chap Stick, SPF 15.

...and back to the other bag!

9.  My work badge.
10.  Some pencils for trivia.
11.  My keys! I'd misplaced most of my extra keys when we moved house, so for the longest time, I just had my car key and my house key. A couple of weeks ago, I found them all again! My tiny pocket knife, the one my Dad bought me to replace the first one he bought me after Ohio airport security took it away from me (what damage could anyone do with a knife that small?). The 'Carolyn' lanyard my sister bought me for watching her cat. The 'I'm Not Sorry' lanyard that got me through grad school.

I've written about it before, but my advisor in grad school was a horrible person. One of the worst people I've ever met. To survive that year and a half, I had to apologize a lot. It was all about stroking his ego. I routinely swallowed my pride and said I was wrong and I was sorry, but this lanyard reminded me that they were just words to get through it as quickly as possible. That I wasn't really sorry. That I knew I was right.

Anyway, that's all I've got!  The bag could probably hold a bunch more, but this is all I could ever really need. After a month or so of carrying this bag, the Sydney Satchel by Fossil, I'm pretty impressed and it deserves a little review. I wish it was a little more structured, but I imagine it would be stiffer if I carried it like a satchel, not like a cross-body. The quality is high, the zipper is strong, and I haven't noticed any dye transfer from the leather.

I made a good choice.

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