Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finally Getting a New Phone

Maybe this is un-American of me, but I don't like upgrading my stuff unless I actually need an upgrade. Would I like the battery to last longer on my Ipod Mini? Sure, but as long as I charge it up before I go running, it's no problem.

But my cellphone has just become annoying enough that it's finally time to get a new phone. While my Samsung still works as it did the first day I got it in July 2007, its just not up to par anymore.

I don't know how much longer I can stand to go with replying to texts by talking to myself "Press 3, one, two, three times. Now, Press 2 once. Oops, pushed it too many times. Press delete. Oh crap! Accidentally deleted the whole text. Screw it. I'll just call them. They aren't answering? They must be in class or something. Ugh..."

Also, do you know how many times we've been out and about and just had the urge to go to a movie? Did you know movie theaters aren't listed in the phone book? They'd get so much more business from me if I could have just called them after finding a phone book in the back of my car and told me when the latest "Fast and Furious" is playing. 

Oh baby. Droid 3, I want you so bad
So, after numerous trips to the Verizon store, I've settled on the Droid 3. It's got a keyboard (because I cannot type worth a damn on a touchscreen), a big screen, and can shockingly get internet! It can only get 3G rather than 4G, but since I don't know the difference, I'm going to call it good.

The biggest problem: trying to get on a contract with my new husband. Phone companies are beyond ridiculous! He's coming over from Sprint and since he's originally from upstate, he's got a different area code and can't switch companies without losing his number. He's such a sweetie and gave up his number. But then there's the task of the fact that my phone is still on my parents' plan. Throw in the fact too that the cheapest phones are through and the possible free upgrades I've accrued by holding off on upgrading for so long and you've got a huge mess. Big old technology mess.

To sum up, Dan's got his new phone, new phone number, and I'm still frustratingly beating on a phone that I've had longer than I've had Dan. This is his third phone. Nope, I'm not bitter. Not bitter at all, but at least we can look up movie times now...

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