Friday, October 11, 2013

Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Fall

If you're like me, your closet is just full of bright colors. Love me some vibrant tones. They are my wardrobe samples in spring and summer, but they are so much harder to incorporate in fall and winter.

But I think I've figured out the trick for making them work all year: surround them in neutrals.

My bright coral Ponyo dress is suddenly appropriate for the cooler weather when it is the only non-neutral in my outfit. Cover it a bit with a breathable blazer, a big necklace, and some ankle boots and you've got yourself a cute little outfit.

Coral Dress

While the green tone of my satiny, billowy top is definitely on the cool side and more appropriate for the upcoming months than my coral dress, the cut makes it much easier to style for warmer months. By layering over another tank top that's tucked into a high-waisted, knee length skirt, it adds the necessary layers and coverage for fall. Pair with some ankle boots and a bright lip if you're feeling daring.

Green Vest over Skirt

Lastly, the year's staple: bright jeans. In summer, I would probably color block these with a top in a completely different shade, like cobalt or indigo. However, for fall, I like to make it a bit preppier by topping it with a crisp white button up and if it's really chilly, my moto jacket.

Red jeans

Other tips for dressing for this time of year:
  • It's all about the ankle boots.
  • Keep your footwear neutral in color.
  • In my brain, fall is for gold jewelry, winter is for silver. 
  • Be careful with flowy tops. It's very tricky to layer over a flowy top without it looking scrunched and messy. Save them for the top layer, if possible. 
Granted, take my tips with a grain of salt as "fall" in Tucson means the temperature is finally under 90 degrees.    

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