Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Ponyo and Princess Mononoke Walk into a Bar...

Last weekend, our local indie movie house hosted a showing of Ponyo with a costume contest to follow. So, what is a redheaded girl to do? Cosplay the crap out of it!

See? Don't we look just like them?

My little sister was Princess Mononoke. Our friend Schmidt made (remember that, he MADE) a Princess Mononoke mask, so we really thought Cheryl had the costume contest in the bag.

He MADE that mask! That's insane!

And in the ridiculously easy costume category, you have me. I spent Saturday afternoon at the mall, finding the red dress at Forever 21 and white shorts (like bloomers) at Old Navy. I wanted pieces that I could wear again. {Sidenote: I tried to jump in the pics so I could make it look like Ponyo in the movie, swimming or jumping or something. Clearly it was not that great of an idea.}

For only having two hours at the mall to find it, I'm quite proud of my costume. Now, I already had the crab sandals, but they were perfect for the costume.

In an upset, Cheryl didn't win the costume contest. The guy who won stayed in character all night and given that it was a million degrees and the lack of visibility, she wasn't keeping the Mononoke mask on constantly. It may be hard to tell, too, but Schmidt was dressed up as Sosoke.

We did both walk away with a small poster each, featuring raccoon testicles. Yay...

Oh! And the "walked into a bar" part. Afterward, we were starving since we skipped dinner to make our costumes so we went to a chicken and waffles bar. Which closed five minutes after we got there. No waffles for me. Why would a waffle bar close at 10PM is beyond me.

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