Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mara Jade Halloween Costume

I know there's still a fair amount of time before Halloween, but I'm already working on my costume. Hopefully, the earlier I start, the cheaper I can make it. Also, it gives me more time to work out and actually be able to pull off my costume.

And that's because I'm going to attempt to be Mara Jade, from the Star Wars universe.

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I'm so excited! I love the novels and I love the character. It's a perfect fit for me. A angry redheaded Jedi who used to be secretly one of the most powerful people in the Empire. How is that not me?

Anyway, I've been researching cosplay and costume components and I was afraid that it would get very expensive. I wanted to buy as many pieces as possible that I could use again in every day outfits or pieces I could make.

Here's the inspiration for my costume and a breakdown of components. 

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And here's mine, so far.

Mara Jade Star Wars Costume
  • Suit - Obviously, I'm not going to be able to wear a skin tight cat suit to work or the mall, so I wanted to find one as cheap as possible. Since I've never purchased one before, I was afraid it would be a $100 or more investment, but I've found several cheap ones online, like this one, for under $40.
  • Boots - I've been lusting after black leather motorcycle boots for quite some time, so I'm not really worried about these. I'll get a ton of use out of them. Cost: roughly $50.
  • Light saber - It's got to be purple. Amazon carries one for $20. I really consider this an investment piece, too.
  • Hood - I'll be making my own cowl hood using this tutorial. All I need to do is find a clearance shirt in a color I like now. Cost: roughly $2.
  • Harness - I've got quite the plan for the harness. Combine some engineering resources, spray paint, and some discount belts, I think I may be able to make this harness for $10.
  • Belt and Blaster - Maybe I will make this out of some discount belts and a spray painted toy gun, or maybe I will wait until it's closer to Halloween and find a costume one at Target for under $10.
  • Shin Guards - The only thing I've thought of so far is going to a used sporting equipment store and spray painting some soccer padding black. Has anyone seen a good online tutorial on how to make these with maybe some cardboard? Cost: roughly $10.
  • Hair and make up -Wild, red hair and natural make up. That'll probably be the easiest part of this look. 
  • Cape - maybe, if I'm feeling really fancy and come in under budget, I'll add in a cape. 
Total Cost: $142

Total Cost for Pieces that probably won't be reused: $72.

Ouch. This will definitely be the most expensive Halloween costume I've ever had, but hopefully, if I make it right, I can wear it for many years for all sorts of occasions. Let's be real, there's always a reason to dress up as a Star Wars character. 

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