Sunday, July 17, 2011

Five Wardrobe Pieces I'm Currently Hunting

Although I'm a big fan of just going to stores and searching until I find something I like, there are usually a couple of things I know to look for in the back of my mind. While my wallet has been fasting lately, if any of the things on this list fell in my lap, I wouldn't say no...

1. Button-Up Vest
Any outfit can look more professional and put together with a good vest. A t-shirt is suddenly appropriate to wear to work. Something blousy looks more structured.

 Images Courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Dillard's

2. Black Skinny Jeans
I don't like leggings. Leggings aren't pants. I have a lot of long tops because I have a long torso and slim fit pants tend to look better under them. And leggings really aren't work appropriate. While I tend to only buy jeans from Old Navy, they never have these in my size.

Image Courtesy of Old Navy

3. Motorcycle boots (Engineering Boots)
At work, in the lab, all my shoes must be closed toed. While this leaves plenty of options, my favorite girly shoes have always been open toed or high heeled. I've been hunting for some closed toed shoes with a bit of a heel and a bit of an edge.

 Images Courtesy of Zappos

4. A Good Pair of "Diamond" Studs
They don't need to be diamond, but I need a good pair of clear studs. None of the ones I have now are any good. They turn my ears green or one is missing or one of the prongs is bent or the "stones" are cloudy. I just need some hypoallergenic cubic zirconium studs.

Image Courtesy of Target

5. Bolero
Some of my favorite tops have spaghetti or halter tops. In order to incorporate them into my work wardrobe, I need some sort of bolero. And then, it's easy to take a work outfit to nighttime by taking off the bolero and switching the shoes out for some heels.

Image Courtesy of ModCloth

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