Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Matte Nail Polish

I have been on the hunt for matte nail polish for months. Although I've had this Essie top coat saved on my wishlist, I just couldn't force myself to pull the trigger. I don't know, I never really intentionally buy nail polish. It's always an impulse purchase on my way out of Target. To order it online somehow seemed like a big commitment.

Anyway, true to fashion, walking around Target I discovered that L'Oreal carries now two matte polishes: one in deep teal and one in black. Dan talked me out of the black one, but I happily skipped along home with the teal one.

There are a lot of great things about this polish. It goes on like regular polish, but it seems to be more pigmented, so one coat is enough. Also, because it's matte, you can tell when it's dry when it goes from shiny to matte. And it dries really fast.

However, there is one very big downside. The stuff chips like crazy! This is after less than two days of wear!

And you may say that it's because I only applied one coat, but I did apply two on a couple of nails and they look just as bad as the rest. The twisted thing is that there is no way to seal them, either. Any top coat I have is shiny, completely negating the matte effect.

I'll probably try to keep touching it up for a few more days, but it just refuses to hold up. Next time, I'll just pull the trigger and get the matte top coat, giving me the ability to just make any color I want matte.


  1. I bought this last week & hate it. What's the point if your nails are going to chip instantly (like mine did) & you can't even put on a protective top coat? It makes me not want to purchase matte polishes again. Are all the L'Oreal polishes this bad?

    1. I don't know if all L'Oreal nail polishes are this bad. I'm pretty sure I've had some in the past and they haven't been this problematic. I do believe the key is a matte top coat, not polish. I'm going to purchase the Essie matte top coat and I'll write up a little review and let you know!