Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hawaiian Awesomeness: Days 1 and 2

Hey, did I forget to mention that I've been M.I.A in Hawaii? Enjoying a loooong overdue vacation and trying desperately to avoid a sunburn?

I'm not trying to brag, but we had an awesome time, just sitting on in the waves, seeing the sites, and eating too much pineapple. We stayed at Turtle Bay on the North Shore of Oahu. Fortunately for us, there's not much to do on the North Shore but the beaches and the jungle. It's the dream.

Since we were there for a while, the recap will be broken into a couple of posts. This one covers the first day we arrived and second day when we went to Waimea Falls.

Day 1: Arrival and visiting a World War II bunker on a hike from the hotel.

View from our room

Day 2: Waimea Falls and the Beach. Waimea Falls is located deep in an area that's been turned into a really freakin' large botanical gardens. You can swim in the falls, but we didn't know that so we just creepily watched other people swim.

If you stacked all the trees in Tucson, they would not be as tall as this tree
Waimea Falls
The whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the giant wind turbines on the hill

Exploring the beaches

Attempting to walk on lava rock in flip flops. Not the brightest idea.

The best thing we figured out while on vacation is the beach situation at Turtle Bay. There's the beach everyone goes to, as you can see in picture of the view from our room. It's where all the lounge chairs live and unfortunately where all the small children live, too. However, if you literally walk three minutes around the corner, there's nothing but gorgeous empty white sand beaches. Dan and I claimed our own little portion and spent a good part of every day.

I'll be back tomorrow with my favorite day of the whole trip: visiting Jurassic Park!

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