Monday, June 23, 2014

Project House Update: Blue Bathroom Mood Board

For almost the entire time we've lived in this house, we've had grand plans for our hall bathroom. Since it's our only stand-alone bathroom, it could be a little more outrageous. And what could be more outrageous than tiling a fifty square foot room in pennies?

Penny Tile Inspiration

Here's what the room looks like now. It's actually two rooms, one housing a double vanity and another the toilet and shower tub. The plumbing is 1983 original and cornflower blue. It's dated and boring and we can do better.

Basically, we want to gut the room and start anew. If you didn't notice, it's carpeted. That will be the first thing to go. And all of the plumbing, the cabinetry, and the accessories. The only thing we plan on keeping is the general layout.

That's not entirely true. We are debating removing the wall separating the two small rooms, which would make a clawfoot tub make more sense. Doesn't every girl dream of having a great tub like that? Although the $1200 cost may not be justifiable...

So, there are three big questions still in my mind about this space. I would love to hear opinions down in the comments.
  1. Which mirror? The one on the right is more vintage and incredibly gorgeous, but I worry that it is too vintage. That it makes the room themed rather than classic. Also, it kind of looks like a penis.
  2. What color to paint the walls? Sometimes I like the idea of them just being a clean white. Other times, I think it could be pretty to pick up some of the blues in the oxidized copper pennies. 
  3. How to surround the tub/shower? We should probably tile both the walls that hug the tub, but how do you tile it without clashing with the pennies? It would probably need to be classic and white, but what scale and what pattern? 
The only reason we haven't started on this room yet is simply because we are waiting for the vanity to go on sale. According to Dan's deal tracking website, it's gone for 30% off before and we'll gladly wait for a $300 discount.

This room has just sooooo much room for growth. I can't wait to see how it will turn out. Eventually.

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