Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hawaiian Awesomeness: Day 3

What you are about to see are now officially my favorite pictures in the whole wide world. Don't tell Dan, but our engagement and wedding pictures don't compare to these. Don't tell our future children, but I'll probably cherish these photos more than all of their inevitably nerdy school photos combined. They are my new favorite thing.

Before we get there, here's a little bit of back story. When we were deciding to go on vacation and debating Hawaii, we were trying to pick an island. After researching what there was to do on each island, Oahu had one giant bullet point in the 'Pro' column: Kualoa Ranch. And for those not in the know, it's the ranch where Jurassic Park was filmed.

I repeat, dinosaurs lived there, people!

Let's get to it!

I'm freakin' Dr. Alan Grant hiding from gallimimuses
So happy!
Dan fails at camera jumping
My new favorite tree
Still excited on the bus
Actually, a bunch of things have been filmed at the ranch.

Hurley's golf course from 'Lost'
Godzilla's footprint from the terrible 1998 version. The original version was much deeper, but it had to be filled in because cows kept falling in and dying.
The road Drew Barrymore drives everyday in '50 First Dates'
A bunker that's been used in 'Pearl Harbor' and 'Lost'
Me. I was filmed there, too.
And here are the remaining random photos from the rest of the day.

Turtle Back Island
Cutie McCutiepants and Me
Enjoying some awesome shaved ice
Apparently I can't look attractive while eating. Who cares, though, it was delicious.
I am ruler of the seas
It was an amazing day. My favorite of the trip.

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