Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Project House Update: Tiny Cacti

I finally jumped on the succulents band-wagon. And found a use for the planter my aunt gave me without any drainage.

However, since I have a tiny red cat who apparently is also interested in succulents, they now live on the back porch. It took him less than five minutes to pluck one out and drop it on the floor.

My favorite one is the stone plant. I had one when I was little. My mom and I planted it in our garden and the javelina had a tasty little snack. It didn't even survive a whole week.

The clock starts now. Let's see how long I can keep them alive.


  1. Good luck with your plants. In the past I've killed so many succulents from over-watering. It was so frustrating because all I kept hearing was how hardy they were. I've since redeemed myself and learned not to saturate the roots. That seemed to to the trick and the few that I have are doing well.

    1. That's the biggest mistake I've heard from a lot of people: overwatering. I keep having to tell myself to only water them on Saturday.