Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Carolyn and Dan's Day Of Fun

It was just like this, only Dan doesn't violently hate me, I think...

On Saturday, Dan needed to go to Tucson Mall to pick up some tools he accidentally sent there for 'In Store Pick-up' and since Tucson Mall is on the complete opposite side of the world from us, we created a plan. We developed a route to hit all the places we had been meaning to go to but were too far to justify making a designated trip. 

Bright and early, we headed out, first getting breakfast at Ghini's French Caffe. I love French food, but since most meals aren't vegetarian friendly, a breakfast full of flaky, buttery pastries was the perfect compromise. Since I had never been there before, how was I to know it would be INSANELY busy. It was like it was brunch on the day before Mother's Day or somethin'...

We threw in the towel at getting a table and instead grabbed a couple of turn-overs from their bakery next door and eat them, leaning up against a pillar, on the sidewalk in front of the cafe. I would do that thirty minute drive again just for one of those turn-overs.

Oddly enough, our jewelry store was in that same plaza (I know it sounds really snobbish to 'have' a jewelry store, but you know, the store where Dan bought my engagement ring and our wedding bands). Since Dan had helped his best friend pick out his fiance's engagement ring at this shop, they had given us a $50 credit, which we put towards this pretty thing:

No, no, guys, the necklace, not me. (Hahaha, modesty humor...)

Maybe it's just because most of my jewelry is from Forever 21, but standing in a jewelry store, looking at a pair of diamond studs, the smallest ones they had displayed, that cost more than our budget for our summer vacation was quite overwhelming. Fortunately, Dan had the sense to ask, "Do you have anything more costume-y..?"

{Sidenote: if you are looking for a jewelry store in Tucson, try Rainbow Jewelers. They can find or make just about anything.}

And then we were on the road again, finally arriving at the mall. You know what's great about Tucson Mall compared to Park Mall? Tucson Mall has a Sephora, not an Ulta. And you know what Sephora has that Ulta doesn't? Naked 3 in stock! After waiting almost six months, it's finally mine!

Why didn't you just buy one off the internet like a sane person?

Shut up, you!

It's mine and the shades are beautiful and I will wear it all the freakin' time.

The rest of the trip to the mall portion of the mall was basically just me getting a Jamba Juice and window-shopping the entire length of the mall, both floors.

When we went to Sears, we overheard this large guy talking on his cellphone loudly about how he had been at a car show at the U of A that morning, and both Dan and my ear's perked up as we jumped on our phones to find this car show.

It was a huge show. There had to be over 200 cars. Unfortunately, I was not dressed for a car show, meaning all my pale, delicate flesh would combust in the sun in the amount of time it would take to walk all the rows of cars. So, I found a vending machine, bought a bottle of water, sat down on a curb in the shade, and people watched as Dan roamed the rows of classic cars.

After writing out our day, it doesn't seem like that much, probably just a normal Saturday for people who actually do stuff or have a reasonable amount of energy, but by the time we returned home that afternoon, I was completely wiped.

Don't judge me. A nap was totally necessary.

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  1. Too bad my husband didn't know about the car show, or he would have loved it! But...then again...we're not at all close to U of A and would also have needed naps afterwards... :)