Wednesday, April 30, 2014

"Spring" Photo Challenge

Since I got my new, fancy used camera for Christmas, I've been trying to learn how to take better pictures. The best trick? Just taking a crap ton of pictures.

And because I tend to be uninspired when it comes to subject matter, I jumped on this Spring Photo Challenge.

Here's what spring in Tucson is:

This was the first White Winged Dove of the season. They migrate in late April/early May, usually right when the saguaro blossoms open. This little guy is a little too early, as you can see the buds below it are still green and closed. It's cooing a warble that wakes me up in the summer months. In the distance, the yellow buds of the palo verde trees are past their prime and flutter to the ground in the rare breezes.

Technically, spring is just a weekend in mid-March. That's long since come and gone. Summer's coming quick, all the signs are there.