Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Good Start to a Weird Year

Welp, my birthday has officially come and gone. And it was kind of a weird one. Not in a bad way, at all, but just odd.

Usually, I get very emotional around my birthday. I always get my hopes up too high and end up disappointed, but this year was different.

For the past two years, I've taken the day of birthday off from work and done random things to celebrate. However, this year, things are so absolutely insane at work, I couldn't escape. Being trapped at work forced me to keep my expectations low and it turned out to be a much nicer day than I would have thought.

On the day of, Dan took me out for lunch. I hadn't been to Chuy's in over 15 years, but there's one near where I work and they apparently have an unlimited chips and salsa bar, so it was a great lunch.

That night, before trivia, my family gathered at my parent's house and I opened presents. Then the whole crazy lot of us went to trivia, my parent's first time.

It was really great. It kind of turned into a little birthday part for me. My friends gave me great little trinkets, like a Han Solo chocolate bar from Sean and Emily, a stuffed giraffe from Mitch, some dinosaur gummies from David, and a manicure set from Mary.

The official day of celebrating with me and Dan was done on Saturday. In a lovely twist of fate, it rained. Of course it rained on the day we had all sorts of stuff planned outside. Dan's plan went out the window and we kind of made it up as we went. It started with a coffee run to Starbucks, a trip to Target for supplies for a picnic lunch, and driving the eight mile loop at Saguaro National Park with a picnic under the ramadas at the end of the loop. However, everything under the ramadas were wet, too, so we ate a bit of a snack, standing around, I threw a bit of a fit about the rain ruining everything, and we went for small hike in the rain, out of pure stubbornness. We then headed back to the house, ate our lunch inside, and I proceeded to pass out. Girl was soooo tired. Ended up taking like a three hour nap on the couch with the baby cats. We had a dinner of take-out Chinese food, for the new year, and watched "Escape From New York". I still may make Dan take me out for a nice dinner this weekend. but no place is really coming to mind.

Now on to the important part, the presents! From my in-laws, I got this adorable bird sweater. They actually gave it to me at Christmas so I've worn it a couple of times.

From my sister, I got a dinosaur sweatshirt, a berry candle, some strawberry socks, and a leaf necklace. From my parent's, I got a map shirt, some bird earrings, and a teal dress. My mom also made a giant batch of chocolate strawberries that I've been trying to eat as fast as possible before they go bad. Dan got me a striped dress, a dinosaur t-shirt, the complete set of Terminator movies, and some new fancy SD card for my new camera. And oddly enough, a Mara Jade action figure from my boss. 

It was a great little birthday.

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