Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, I'm now officially 26. Just typing that makes me feel old. It's hard to deny being an adult when you're 26.

Anyway, I had a very nice birthday. It was actually very similar to last year's. I took the day off from work and slept in [All birthdays should fall on a weekend, I'm just sayin']. Woke up to a huge breakfast my husband had left for me full of danishes, cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, and juice. Then, some lounging in pajamas until my mom picked me up for a movie.

We'd been talking about seeing the final Twilight movie for months and finally got to cross it off the list. It was funny, though. My mom looked up the move times and actually got the theater wrong. We thought it was really quiet, even though it was a Wednesday morning. We then dashed across town to the correct theater with time to spare.

What do you do when you're the only people at a Wednesday morning matinee? Why, take silly pictures, of course.

Actually, by this point, other people had come in, but why should I care?

I finished out the day with a long run, an even longer shower, a delicious dinner of pizza rolls and birthday cake, and a couple of small presents from Dan.

Most of my birthday celebrating was actually done over the weekend. On Saturday, Dan and I went to Target, a thrift store, lunch at Trail Dust Town with my parents and sister, Trader Joe's, Home Depot, saw "Silver Lining's Playbook", went to the mall, had dinner at Little Anthony's, bought a ceiling fan for the living room from Lowes, and stopped at Culver's for dessert. Busy, busy day.

Sunday, we celebrated with my family. I had control of the remote control (CABLE!!!!!!!) and got to pick where we went for dinner. We fattened up at a Chinese buffet. Then, presents! It was a good year for presents. My dad stopped by our house earlier that morning to take a portrait of us in front of our house and he had it framed. My mom knitted me a scarf and gave me a pretty pink crystal necklace. My sister actually got the artist of 'Cat vs Human' to draw a portrait of our little family (I neeeeeed to take some pictures of it, it's so cute!). I asked Dan for a bag of tools for work and he really came through. I have no reason not to be handy now. That and a copy of "Love Actually", which we watch every year at Christmas time. I actually walked down the aisle to a song from "Love Actually"...

Anyway, good way to start off hopefully another good year!

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