Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Oh Hi! Ohio! Touring the Farms

The first part of our Ohio trip was the amusement park portion. The second part of trip was touring all the farms, homes, and small towns that my father-in-law grew up in.

It's a random hodge-podge of photos, but it was a random hodge-podge couple of days.

Grabbing lunch at a Dairy Queen in Attica. Hoping to get our food before it really started to rain. We already knew we were going to have to eat in the car. Good thing it was a rental.

Three things you don't see that often in the AZ: storm clouds, houses with pitched roofs and siding, and grass. A lot of grass...

Inside the historical society of Marion. This part of the museum? The popcorn portion. It felt like an old school circus tent inside.

Looking back, I should have taken a lot more pictures. Especially of the people. There was just so much going on and I was in the moment. Hopefully, some begging to my mother-in-law will get her to send me a copy of her pictures.

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