Monday, June 10, 2013

Oh hi! Ohio! The wedding

In this week's series about our trip to Ohio, I'll wrap it up with a description of the event we actually traveled out there for: Dan's cousin's wedding.

(Sidenote: I was really hoping the bride would have already posted some of the professional pictures of the wedding to borrow from, but you're just stuck with my photos for now.)

It was a beautiful wedding. Every last detail was given attention. I guess that's what happens when the bride is an event manager for a brand new hotel in the heart of downtown Columbus.

Speaking of the hotel, staying in the hotel was probably my favorite part of the experience. Dan only likes to stay in Best Westerns and this hotel was lightyears better than a Best Western.

The ceremony overlooked the river and was well timed between two trains going over the bridge in the background. I swear she must have looked up the train schedule and planned around it.

There was a fun little moment at the reception where Dan put out a fire on the guest book table. Our table was right next to the guest book table and my seat was facing it. There were some candles on it, along with a bunch of programs and the guest book. The day was pretty windy and all the windows in the glass building were open. After starring at the candles for a couple seconds, I asked Dan, "Is that a candle?" The flame looked too big to be one of the tealights. Dan quickly hopped up and stomped out the stack of programs that had blown into one of the candles. Fortunately, the book didn't catch fire. The smell of burning lingered for a while and the bridal table slowly looked concerned, but disaster had already been averted.

I had hoped to do more dancing, but the dance floor was covered with small children. It wouldn't have been fair to accidentally take one out in the name of shaking my groove thang.

It was a great way to wrap up our trip.

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