Friday, June 21, 2013

Fan of Friday: Week of 6/21/13

On our grand Ohio adventure, the one souvenir I got is not really souvenir-ish at all, but that how I roll. Because it was abnormally cold for May in Ohio, my mother-in-law hadn't packed any long pants. In an emergency shopping spree, we went to Walmart.

Let me make something very clear, I avoid Walmart like the plague. You know that website, "People of Walmart"? The people are sooo much scarier in Tucson Walmarts.

However, the one in Ohio wasn't that bad. Yes, the people are still scary, but we had numbers on our side so we all somehow survived.

And I didn't leave empty-handed. I walked out with this awesome $15 maxi dress. My first maxi dress. It's made of a breathable knit that isn't too clingy. It's perfect for all the errands that get put off until the weekend.

Summer Maxi Dress

Match it with big sunglasses so I don't have to do my make-up and my amazing crab sandals and you're good to go.

I still haven't gotten used to the feeling of the dress flapping against my shins when I walk. I awkwardly bunch it up a bit like a girl trying to walk around in a prom dress. I'm classy, ladies and gentlemen.

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