Monday, August 6, 2012

As You Probably Guessed...

...we decided to keep this little guy. Rusty!

Isn't he so adorable? It puts the ginger count in our house up to two! And the adorable kitten count at two as well!

Our biggest concern was how well he would get along with Sam. Well, about 50% of the time, they wrestle. It actually looks pretty painful, but they both seem to like it. For the most part, we just let them, but I do break out the spray bottle when they really go at it.

Another 40% of the time, they team up against Dan or me. They are always trying to get in my bowl or glass, behind any closed door, knock anything on the floor, or going after my camera strap. See?

But the remaining 10% of the time? That time they spend being best friends.

Actually behaving for a second at the vet. Poor Rusty had blood work done, hence the bandage.

I just thought this was a cute picture until my sister pointed out how creepy Sam's leg makes it.

They both so cute and have such different personalities. Sam is loud and bold and loving, but spoiled. Rusty is independent and calm and brave, but isn't a fan of snuggling or being held. But they are rubbing off on each other. Sam's more calm and less bitey and Rusty now hops into my lap for a cuddle every once in a while.

Dan pretends like they're ruining his life, but I know he couldn't imagine not having them now.

And because cat videos on the internet are the greatest thing ever, here you go!

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