Friday, August 3, 2012

Fan of Friday: Week of 8/3/2012

Pub trivia.

This week I participated in pub trivia and it was awesome. I am a bit of a trivia nut, so I knew it'd be fun, but bars aren't really my scene. But after my awesome friend Mitch made a team and summoned my brain power, how could I refuse?

And so, Engineer Death Experience was formed (4 engineers and another guy I don't really know that well. I want to say he does something nerdy, too, so it counts)!

While I am usually better at buzz-in style trivia because of my cat like reflexes (Side note: anyone who says "cat-like reflexes" has clearly never met Sam. Yesterday, he was sitting on my step-stool [Side side note: I am short] and he just fell off of it. For no apparent reason. Graceful he is not.), since there were so many people, it was write-in style. The only real down-side is with write-in answers on a team in a bar, you either have to whisper so no one else will hear you, including your own team, or basically shout the answers over the music. The drunk guy at the next table made fun of us afterward for failing at whispering.

Either way, after the first score tally, we were somehow in third. And after the second, we had risen to a three-way tie for first. The last couple of rounds sucked (No, I don't know Robert De Niro movie quotes. Not things he said either, things people said to him in movies) and we finished in fourth place, just shy of third place.

I even won a bonus question for a free beer, but since I don't drink, one of my teammates lucked out.

It was a lot of fun and if you've never tried pub trivia, I highly recommend it. Check out geeks who drink to find one near you. It's free because they assume you'll order something, like a pretty delightful veggie burger. We're thinking of making it a weekly thing, but hopefully closer to our house and closer to quitting time so there's less of that awkward in-between time.

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