Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turtle's Last Hurrah

Since Turtle hibernates for a good portion of the year, I've been constantly checking on him lately to see if it's finally that time of year. Although I think it finally is, here are some pictures from the last time I saw him a couple of weeks ago.

He was trying to hide from me. You can't sit there, eying the petunias you can't reach, trying to avoid me. I will find your cute, tiny face.

So I picked him some flowers. Usually, he eats them up! Just inhales them! Ignored them. Went straight for my feet.


For some reason, he loves to walk over feet. I like to think it's his version of cuddling. But this is the first time he decided to use me as a tunnel. He just hung out between my feet for like 15 minutes. He's just so cute!

I'll be waiting, checking my plants for nibbles and fresh tortoise poops in the spring to signal his awakening.


  1. What a cutie! I often wish I could hibernate, so I'm also a bit jealous of him.

  2. Is he wild? Is this part of a series about the turtle? Because I'm seriously intrigued...

    (Found you via your comment on Cheeseblarg about NaBloPoMo...you made me spit out my water. Funniest comment. Ever.)

  3. No, he's not wild. I've had him since he hatched, for about 15 years now. He lived in a terrarium up until a couple of years ago, you know, when I could finally afford a place with a yard.

    It's not really a series on him, he's my only pet, and he doesn't do much, but he's just so cute that I have to write about him. I created a label for him now because I swear he's more popular on this blog than I am...and I'm ok with that.