Monday, November 28, 2011

The Perfect Manicure!

After years of trying, I have finally achieved it! The perfect manicure! 24 hours later and not one chip!

Don't mind me as my hand attacks my face.

I'm crazy proud of myself!

Ok, here's how I did it.
  1. Cut and file nails to the perfect shape.
  2. Go pee. Eat dinner. Do anything that will require your hands in the immediate future.
  3. Pick out the perfect color.
  4. Paint on two coats.
  5. Let it dry completely. Like three hours to dry. Avoid zippers, buttons, bottles, etc. Don't poke at the little bits that end up on the surrounding skin. Just do whatever you need to to not screw them up.
  6. About an hour before heading to bed, paint on a coat of no-chip top coat. 
  7. Dip each nail in water. Then, blow dry with a hairdryer until the water beaded on the surface is gone.
BAM! Pretty, shiny nails! I'll probably top coat them every other day just to see how long I can make them last.

It's the little things people! Geez...

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