Sunday, September 25, 2011

Little Girl in the Big City

For my first real business trip, I was sent to New York City to work on a robot for a university up there. It was awesome and it highlighted how awesome my job is and how lucky I am to have it. So without further ado, my pictures!

 Brooklyn on the left, a tiny Statue of Liberty in the middle, and Manhattan on the right

 Skyscrapers breaking through the trees of Central Park

 Me being silly on a bridge in Central Park
(I'm supposed to be breaking out into song like "Enchanted")

 30 Rock, man it's tall!

 The Staten Island ferry with the lit up skyline in the background

The new World Trade Center disappearing into the fog

Next time I visit, I hope to have more than a day to explore. I'd love to do some shopping. I'd save up for months just to afford some fancy shopping. Also, my childhood best friend was fantastic and gave us as much of a tour as possible in a couple of hours and I'd love the chance to really get to catch up with her. You know, while walking through Bloomingdale's...

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