Monday, June 20, 2011

Task of the Week: Garage Sale Pile

So when I moved into Dan's rental house three months ago, between the two of us, we have a lot of crap. A LOT. After basically unpacking and reorganizing for a month, the entire month of April, we called it good enough. The problem is now that we have a huge pile of stuff to sell at the garage sale.

If you can do the math, this puts us in May with a huge pile of crap we needed to get rid of at a garage sale. Who wants to have a garage sale in May? Weekends got busy and it kept getting postponed a week at a time until we planned to do it this upcoming weekend. What's worse than having a garage sale in May in Tucson? Having one in June.

As we contemplated getting up early on both a Saturday and Sunday, sitting on a slanted driveway for 6 hours while strangers poked through our stuff., we quickly changed our minds. I've never had a garage sale and this isn't an easy one to start with.

Well, that just leaves us with one little problem: all of this

This is all the crap we have no idea what to do with. It's invaded our guestroom like a zombie disease. We keep avoiding inviting my husband's parents to visit because, well, where would they sleep?

So my goal this week, get rid of it all. Hopefully I'll have the "After" pictures to post by Saturday. I miss my green chaise buried under all of it. And my nude lady lamp. I love lamp...

If you know anyone who wants an old industrial vacuum or a set of three lamps from an 80's formal living room, I'm your gal! I'll give you a good deal, you just have to let me put a piece of masking tape with the price on it, set it out on the driveway, and pretend I made a garage sale sale!

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