Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summertime and the Living Should be Less Easy

Today is the first "official" day of summer. In Tucson, it's been summer for almost two months now. I think we measure the beginning of the first half of summer by the first day to be over 100F and the first day of the second half is when the dark storm clouds roll over the city in the afternoon for the first monsoon. The smell of the dry earth being pelted by fat rain drops and the cicadas screeching at 7:50 in the morning on the walk into work mark summer for me.

Even though the cicadas are still underground and the skies are still clear (minus the smoke from the fact that the majority of the state is on fire), I'll go with the Earth's tilt and call it summer. And since it's summer, it will be filled with my old favorites of summer, as well as some new grown-up things that I can't wait to dive into. In no particular order:

- Buy a house
We're waiting to hear back from our bank about a home loan. I'll write more about all the "fun" of trying to buy a house tomorrow.

- Start a new exercise activity
I'm in an exercise rut. I run on the treadmill. I do workout videos. I workout three to five times a week and eat healthy and I'm still slowly put on weight. My thought is that my body has adapted and it needs a new challenge. I keep looking at dance classes and researching roller derby, but I haven't just sucked it up and tried anything new.

- Take some time off
I've got a bunch of vacation time saved up and Dan doesn't really have any left since he had to use his on our honeymoon (I hadn't started my job yet so it didn't burn any of mine). I need to plan a staycation and have an adventure around town, by myself, on a Tuesday or something. Or I need to blow it on unpacking once we move.

- Sit outside on the porch and watch the storms roll in

- Buying my motorcycle boots
We've been on a pretty strict budget during all this house craziness. Once we have a house, the things I've pined for and dreamed about will come to fruition. Motorcycle boots, the female engineer's dream shoe...

- Be productive on weekends
My weekends are usually pretty lazy and once Sunday evening rolls around, I feel like I haven't gotten much done. I need to get out of my pajamas and my house on Saturday mornings. 

- Going on more adventures
So much goes on in Tucson in the summers at night. Although I'm usually exhausted when I leave work, there's so much to take advantage of: munching outside at Lindy's on 4th Avenue, window shopping at La Encantada, concerts at the park, outdoor movies downtown. I need to get out of my rut of leaving work, dinner, computer games, workout, shower, sleep.

- Eat more Eegee's
Well, that's just kind of a year-round thing that makes more sense in the summer.

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