Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's a Ridiculously Small World After All

My sister has always had more style than me. Fashion, home decor, you name it, she's got a better eye.

Over the last couple of weeks, especially with the focus on moving into our own house, I've been trying to develop my eye for style. With a relatively free Saturday morning, the vintage stores were calling my name. I took my camera and planned just a reconnaissance mission. If there was a chair or lamp I couldn't live without, I'd just go back during the week when my husband is away on a business trip so he couldn't say no (I'm a horrible person).

Since my eye isn't that strong, I hit up my sister's favorite places. First stop, Razzle Dazzle. While Razzle Dazzle is great for vintage clothing, their furniture selection has been lacking since they moved. There just isn't the space, I suppose. After wandering for twenty minutes, I'd drooled over a lot of costume jewelry but no pieces of furniture.

My second store was one I'd never actually been to before. I've driven past Copper Country for years and never stopped in . My sister swears by it though so I figured it might be worth a shot. After wandering the outside trying to find the front door, I literally gasped when I walked inside. This place was


I felt so inspired as I gaped at almost everything. This store was amazing. It actually had a full size T-Rex skull cast. 

This place was astounding. The selection was not only incredible, but everything was in relatively good quality. And the prices were reasonable. I hate when you fall in love with a piece and it costs $1000+. 

Although it was my plan just to look, I walked out with an endtable. When you find a two-tiered solid wood endtable for $15, you don't walk away from that. 

And apparently the entire aisle was 10% off, so it only cost me $14.73. With a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint (which I have a coupon for), it'll look gorgeous in our new house, wherever that will be. I found quite a few additional pieces that I may take Dan back to see.

Once I got home, I went to their website, originally hoping to find a menu for the restaurant in the middle of the antique mall (yes, this store is so huge that it houses a restaurant in the center). Although there was no menu, I was clicking around the rest of the site, hoping to find images of some of their inventory, and I clicked on a tab titled "Real Estate". 

First of all, why an antique mall's website has a real estate tab, I don't know. But when I clicked the tab, I was suddenly staring down a picture of my high school French teacher! He became a realtor my senior year of high school and left being a teacher behind. He and I never really got along since language is not my forte so it was more than a little creepy to be surprised by his face.

I'm always shocked by the people who come back into my life. It's never the people I would expect to come back around. Tucson is really a large city with a small town feel. In a city of over a million, somehow, everyone knows everyone else.

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