Sunday, June 26, 2011

Update: Garage Sale Pile

After two days of nagging, my wonderful husband finally started to pull the things he wanted to keep out of the guest room. Once we started going through the piles of clutter we had thrown in that room, there was actually a lot of stuff we decided to hang on to. The justifications went something like this:

"Well, once we move, we might actually have cabinet space for a wok..."

"A butterfly chair may come in handy when we have a housewarming party at our new house..."

"I bet we could get some money for those lamps on Craig's List..."

After forcing a rule that anything that stayed had to have a place to go, the room is finally clean! Just in time for the in-laws later in the week.

I'm glad to have conquered the room, but now I just keep finding random crap around the house that Dan has migrated. I guess everything is technically "put away", but they are sure in some weird spots.

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  1. Love the green sofa! It's extremely classy. Thanks for following me:) you were my first follower, so feel special!