Friday, March 7, 2014

'Fashion February' 2014: Week 1

Back years ago when I started blogging, in the same time period, I also started trying to learn how to actually dress myself better. I gave myself a challenge in February 2012 to plan and style my outfit everyday in advance for a month. And then I posted about it every. damn. day.

It took a lot of work, but it did help me see my wardrobe and my fashion choices in a whole new light. At the end of it, I knew how to shop for myself better and throw clothes together with a lot less effort.

I really meant to make it an annual thing, but of course I blanked on it in 2013 until it was too late.

And again in 2014.

But March is almost the same as February, right?

So, I'm picking it up again. Just ignore the fact that the label 'Fashion February' makes no sense this time around. Also, this time, I'm just going to post a weekly recap of what I wore because I ain't got time for that (that being posting every freakin' day).

In an effort to break out of my jeans, cardigan, Converse's, and side braid daily routine, here's what I wore this week.

Saturday (3/1/14)

Rainy Date Night

Date night outfit to celebrate our anniversary on a rainy Saturday. 

Sunday (3/2/14)

Striped Sweater with Boots

Perfect for a muddy morning walking around the anitque's fair.

Monday (3/3/14)

Ruffled Top

Simple outfit for a simple Monday

Tuesday (3/4/14)

Pink Scarf

Attempting to style the pink infinity scarf my Grandma gave me for Christmas.

Wednesday (3/5/14)

Red Pants Amber Necklace

Amber is a hard color to break into an outfit.

Thursday (3/6/14)

Obi belt over watercolor blouse

Trying to break my new obi belt into outfits that don't include dresses

Friday (3/7/14)

Floral Dress with Wine Tights

Wearing 70's heels while making this floral dress work appropriate.

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