Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Third Anniversary

I think at your third wedding anniversary, you can no longer call yourselves newlyweds. We're not yet an old married couple and the seven year itch is still a couple of years off, so we're just married, I guess.

Anyway, if you couldn't guess, Dan and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary. He pulled out the romantic stops and gave me chocolates and flowers and took me out for a cozy fondue dinner and a movie, Monuments Men. I have been complaining a lot lately about how we don't just date each other anymore and I'm pretty sure he just wanted to shut me up, but it definitely worked.

And since Valentine's Day had kind of been a bust around here, we overdid it a bit on the presents. He gave me a lily pearl necklace, a Jedi training manual, and some of our favorite movies, like Cherry 2000. I got him two Star Wars polo shirts and Bananagrams.

The hardest part of our anniversary is the tradition we established on our wedding day. Dan made a really nice wood box where we keep our wedding vows and we save our anniversary cards to each other every year in it. Probably puts a little too much pressure on ourselves to write something prolific and romantic.

Don't tell Dan, but sometimes I google 'how to write a card'. Girl only has so many original thoughts in her head after all these years...

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