Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas 2014: Trimming the Tree

It's not really Christmas until the tree is up. Which, for us, means Christmas usually starts the day after Thanksgiving. (Just because Dan is on the ball with putting the tree up doesn't mean I'm on the ball writing about it.)

Since it is so much work to put it up and decorate it, I wanted ti turn it into an event. To start it off right, two piping hot cups of cocoa. Topped with chocolate covered marshmallows made during the epic afternoon of Buck Eyes.

In our house, the two cats have completely opposite opinions of the Christmas tree. To Rusty, the tree is the greatest thing ever. It's something to chew on, to climb on, to play with. He needed to be involved in every step of the process.

And to Sam, it's just there. Something to hide under occasionally, but that's about it. Here's what he was up to the whole time the rest of us were working.

After many thwarted attempts by Rusty to climb the tree and Dan and I having our annual argument about the proper time to put on the tinsel garland (it's always BEFORE the ornaments, you animal!), we finished the tree. Please excuse the crooked tree topper. We're too lazy to care to fix it.

This year, I caved and bought an ornament before Christmas, full price and everything. Completely new territory for me. For a change, I wanted a nice, elegant ornament. When I came across this beautiful vintage-inspired snow globe with a deer and tree inside (sorry that it is hard to see), I knew it was destined for our tree.

Don't worry, I hung it far, far from this guy. He's getting better and better at pulling ornaments off the tree. He's actually really delicate with them, holding them in his paws, until he gets bored and just drops them.

Such a classy tree. Snowman garland, stuffed dinosaur ornaments, a cock-eyed tree topper, and one grown-up snow globe ornament. It sounds crazy, but I don't think I've ever had a tree that's made me smile as much as this one has.

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