Monday, November 24, 2014

Dare to DIY: Thankful for Art Deco

It's Dare to DIY time again! I'm not very crafty, but every year I get inspired by Michelle at 'Decor and the Dog'.

For several days, I tried to get hit by creative lightning, but nothing was happening. Pinterest is pretty unhelpful when you live in Arizona. There are no ways to craft with colorful leaves when there is no seasonal foliage.

While I wasn't finding anything autumnal, I was becoming insanely fascinated by everything Art Deco. Golds and silvers and jewel tones and geometric patterns and swirling vines. I don't know how I've gotten obsessed, but I am.

Anyway, becoming frustrating, I searched for 'art deco thankful' and found this lovely print at an etsy shop. While it's a very nice print, my immediate reaction was, "I can make something like that."

There is always something to be thankful for. Always.

In a great twist of fate, I found a frame at Target for 70% off at Target that's both art deco with its gold detailing and fall with the burlap matting.

I know these sorts of things are usually more about arts and crafts, using modpodge to stick something to something else and VOILA! Centerpiece! But, for me, making a print design is so much more challenging. It took me almost four hours to make that image. Hunting for art deco borders, downloading different fonts, learning how to use the free online photo editing software better. It took a bit of time, but I think the results are totally worth it.  

If you'd like to print it out for yourself, that's totally cool. It's formatted for 8" by 10".

I know it's not for everyone and it's so incredibly niche, but this thing makes me so happy. When I couldn't find a Thanksgiving decoration that I liked, I'm proud of myself for bringing one into existence. 


  1. It looks great! Love that it's perfect for your taste and style. Isn't technology grand.

    Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  2. I love this! As someone with zero talent for graphic design/print making/whatever the proper term is for this, I am so impressed you could see something you loved and create your own version of it. It's awesome!

  3. This is so pretty! I love the swirly pattern around the words. Thanks so much for linking up!!

  4. Thanksgiving is always a tough one! I LOVE this print. The saying and colors are spot on! Thanks so much for joining in on the party! :)