Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cops and Rodders 2014

Since Dan is a car guy, he gets so excited for the annual Cops and Rodder's Car Show. It's a giant car show that take up all of the local baseball team's stadium's parking lot. Translation: there are a hundreds of cars.

We've been attending this same show for years and it probably is the best car show of the year. However, over time, it's lost some of it's shininess for me. It can be a lot when you're wandering for hours in the sun.

To entertain myself, I brought my nice, big camera along and got all artistic. Any little odd detail got a picture. It's amazing the tiny things people do to personalize their awesome cars. And it's amazing the amount of personality these cars have on their own.

Turned out to be a great little exercise for me. When you done something to the point of boredom, sometimes a new perspective can make it fun again. Who knew?

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