Friday, September 20, 2013

Fan of Friday: Week of 9/20/2013

And now for something slightly different. This week it's not my favorite, it's Turtle's!

Odd little story. Wednesday, I got home from work and Turtle was out and about, walking around. Usually he's a morning guy, so I was a bit surprised. Any time he's out, I try to feed him because I have yet to really figure out his schedule and I knew the produce wouldn't go to waste.

Unfortunately, I had no lettuce. I was going to stop for salad on the way home, but what were the odds he would be out? Very slim. Luckily for everyone involved, we did have half a bag of sugar snap peas left over from our pool party over the weekend.

Once I taught Turtle what they were and how to eat them, I have never seen anyone as happy as Turtle was eating his peas.

The peas made this little popping and cracking sound as he mowed through them. He must have almost eaten his body volume in peas. Doesn't he have the cutest little pink tongue? Desert tortoises are just the best. You can even feed him out of your hand.

His eye sight must not be that great because he also tried to eat the pea bag, my shoe, and my thumb. He also does this cute thing that I really don't understand. He loves to just sit under you, between your feet, smelling your shoes. Our best theory is that he's using you as a temporary human shelter.

This may be a Turtle heavy week. Over the weekend, we plan on renovating his shelter before the temperature starts to drop. I'm pretty sure a pack rat has taken up residency as his roommate and is doing quite a bit of damage. After building two burrows, we think we're finally starting to figure out the design. The hardest part of the process will be figuring out how to get Turtle out of it before we tear the burrow down. Stay tuned.

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