Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012: Part 2

Sorry to drag this out over two days, but I sure as hell wasn't waking up early yesterday morning to add these pictures to yesterday's post.

Dan and I spent a fun night out, playing trivia, with my bud Mitch. Mitch was a Pi-rate (get it? Because his shirt has pi on it. Ahh, gotta love geek humor.)

Apparently I don't let Dan make any of his own decisions anymore, so he didn't even think to plan a costume for himself. As a last minute costume, he threw on his Power Rangers shirt, which matches mine. He refused to wear his autocross helmet, though, so it looked like he had actually morphed. Party pooper.

My costume is actually my Halloween costume from sixth grade. My mom made it herself (isn't she talented?) It's hard to see in the picture, but she used a sewing machine to outline the Queen of Hearts playing card on the front of it. It was a dress back when I originally wore it in 1998 and it still had some of my face paint smudged inside it.

We placed lower than we'd ever placed before, but we knew we wouldn't do well with Halloween trivia. Still a fun Halloween! Now, off to Target to scoop up all the discount Halloween decorations because I seriously have none and I hope to have awesome creepy house pictures to post next year!

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