Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who knew food from a parking lot could be this good?

If you live on the Eastside of Tucson, I've got an idea for you if you're looking to branch (ha!) out a bit. Have you tried the food trucks at Civano nursery?

Everyday, I drive past the entrance for the Civano nursery and ponder the big flashy sign advertising food trucks. Finally, after months, I remembered the sign once I got home and looked into it. Every Thursday through Sunday, a variety of food trucks park in front of the nursery, enticing the patrons perusing the plants.

Well, if you are an Eastsider, you'll also know that there aren't a lot of good places to eat on this side of town. Yes, if you look hard enough, there are satisfactory places, but nothing I'm ever honestly thrilled to go. So, I was itching with excitement that there may be great food hidden in basically my backyard.

Last Saturday, I told Dan we were having a lunch date, hijacked him in my car, and surprised him with a food truck lunch. Food trucks, plural, because two pop up on Saturdays. We made two courses of it with lunch from Jami's Bitchen Kitchen and dessert from Pin-Up Pastries. Dan dined on cajun chicken tacos and I munched on a multi-grain wrap. Note: the parking lot is severely lacking in seating so we took it to go and actually ate at our dining room table for a change (woot! Sofa eating for the win!)

For dessert, we had salted caramel whoopie pies. No, not had. Savored. Inhaled. Worshiped. Why has no one ever told me about the glory that are whoopie pies?!!? I feel like it was the day my life truly started. Angels sang in my mouth. You may think I'm over-hyping them, but it was like I was licking a Pinterest pic. It tasted like how I wished dessert had tasted my whole life. Maybe it's because I live in an Olive Garden/Cheesecake Factory world where nothing is actually ever freshly made, but this one little whoopie pie changed my view on food.

I may have ruined dessert forever for myself.

If you'd like to ruin your view of dessert, you can find Pin-Up Pastries here, Jami's Bitchen Kitchen here, and more info on the food trucks here.

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