Friday, March 9, 2012

Fan of Friday: Week of 3/9/2012

Oil Rubbed Bronze

It's been slowly growing on me (AHH! Help! Get it off! Hahahahaha...). It's like black, but not as harsh and sterile. It's dirty black. It's cool brown. While the default sheen in our house being brushed stainless (brushed stainless fridge, brushed stainless microwave, brushed stainless washer and dryer), I'm thinking of keeping the brushed stainless as the standard and incorporating oil rubbed bronze in some more unconventional ways.

We've got a small breakfast nook with a round wooden table. Right now, it's got some fairly crappy white leather rolling chairs from my grandparents old house, but I want a change. We've got two beaten up mismatched wooden chairs and I think if I find two more mismatched ones at garage sales and spray paint them all oil rubbed bronze, it might be a really cool look. If it's not, I'm out $10 in cheap chairs and $5 in spray paint so it's worth the risk, right?

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